Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzard Pictures

Here are pictures I took around my house on Tuesday, February 1, the day the BLIZZARD hit.  Since then we have FINALLY managed to get our road cleared out and I went back to work yesterday.  Still no school.  Very cold here, so the snow isn't melting at all.  Thank you all for your continued prayers for our livestock.

This picture was taken looking South.  This lot is where we plant our garden.  Nothing growing now but snow drifts. 

This is the snow drift at the back of our house.  The storm wasn't over yet, and this drift just kept getting higher and higher.  Wound up being nearly five feet tall! 

This was taken looking from my house Southeast toward one of our turkey barns.  The snow was coming down so hard, you can't even tell there is another turkey  barn behind this one. 

This is a picture of the snow drifting around our brooder barn (the barn with the baby turkeys in it).  You can't tell just how tall the drifts are, or how long the icicles are hanging from the roof.

This is Cole and Alex outside posing beside some of the snow drifts.  Unbelievable. 

I could bore you with many more pictures, but I won't.  Believe me when I say this is one of the biggest snow falls Central Missouri has ever had . . . and we have more snow forecast for next week.  Hope you all are safe and warm! 

Come back tomorrow for a few pictures of a new baby calf born Thursday night to one of our heifers.  My husband delivered the baby and I helped . . . a little. 


  1. Amazing what everyone went through!!! I'm still just a little jealous!!

    Glad the animals are okay and can't wait to see that baby calf!!

  2. yup, it's snowing here right now. I don't think I've ever been so sick of snow... no wait, I have :(

  3. That looks a lot like what we saw at our house this week. It just seems to never end. As cold as it is, the snow will be around for awhile. And yes they are calling for more! Take care.

  4. I know we had a big snow in '95, or I think it was that year, but I don't recall being snow bound this long! Glad you and your family are safe. Nicole

  5. Awesome pictures. I think that you captured what it is like to be in a bad snow storm. I'm glad that you guys are safe and I'm wishing some of my AZ weather upon you guys.