Monday, February 14, 2011

Courtwarming Princess

No, I am NOT here to announce that Cole was crowned Courtwarming King!  Cole can't even be nominated for King, since he's already been named Homecoming King and FFA Barnwarming King!  So relax.  I am not here to brag on Cole.  I am, however, here to brag on Alex.  Isn't she just beautiful???

Alex was selected by her classmates to be one of two freshman girls to serve as "Courtwarming Princess" to the senior girls chosen as Courtwarming Queen Candidates. 

Truly, she is absolutely gorgeous.  I mean, I know I'm her mom and all, but she just looked so beautiful standing there in her pretty dress.  I was so proud I was just about to bust!  But can you blame me???

And, my husband cleaned up pretty good too, don't you think ? ? ?

Yes, that is my husband in a suit.  No, he doesn't own a suit.  Yes, he borrowed it.  Isn't he handsome???

It was a GREAT evening. And to top it all off, we won the basketball game!

So thank you for letting me brag on my precious daughter and my handsome husband!  I am so very proud of them both! 


  1. Wow, how beautiful they look. Doesn't it make you think a little bit about the next time they get all dressed up, arm in arm, could be her wedding? Just sayin'. . .
    Her dress was so pretty! And for hubby to have a friend to borrow a suit is so cool! Does that friend have a tux my hubby can borrow?

  2. Absolutely...throw that chest out and pop some buttons so have a right! Your girl made a most beautiful court queen and your hubs cleans up well to!!!

    God bless and have a marvelous Valentine's Day!!! :o)

  3. I'll bet the was hard on Daddy!!The suit and the escorting!

  4. Beautiful family. Yes, you have a right to brag. Your daughter is so pretty and your husband is very handsome.
    I agree with Osage Bluff Quilter the next time may be to the wedding march. But let's not rush it. Enjoy your family.

  5. Wow. Together, they are truly a wonderful vision. You have every right to be bragging; after all, you created this beautiful daughter with that handsome man!

  6. Ah, they look so lovely together. Your daughter's dress is just gorgeous-it compliments her well. What fun days for a momma!

  7. And you should be~ you are blessed with such a beautiful family.
    Hope you had a wonderful day~

  8. Robbin,
    Yes Yes Yes....she definitely is a pretty pretty princess! And Momma's get to brag!!!!!!!
    And ooohhhh your honey is looking mighty nice himself.
    You should be VERY proud of both of them.
    I'll bet Dad enjoyed it very much! Probably more than pulling a calf! ;0)

  9. You have every right to be proud! She's so pretty in her beautiful gown. And your hubby looks spiffy, too. And your team won...what fun! A great evening for sure.

  10. You have a beautiful daughter, and you should be proud!! She looks phenomenal, and hubs looks pretty handsome too. Congrats to all of you!! -Tammy