Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Missouri Blizzard

Well the snow has started.  At least we aren't getting ice.  The ground is covered here.  I would say we have less than an inch of snow right now, and it is snowing pretty hard.  It's still dark outside so I can't take a picture yet, but I will try to post pictures as the day goes by.  I am not going to work, and I can tell you that in 17 years of driving to Jefferson City  to work I have missed two days because of snow, and both of those days were when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter and we had over a foot of snow.  So for me not to be heading to work right now tells you just how bad I believe this storm is going to be.  They've already cancelled school, so my kids are sound asleep. 

We will be fine.  I am praying that our power doesn't go out.  I mean, the power going out at our house is inconvenient, but manageable.  We have two fireplaces so we won't freeze to death.  But I worry about our animals.  We have baby turkeys in our brooder barn, and we have heifers starting to calve.  We already had one baby calf brought into the "nursery," which means my husband and kids had it in our basement rubbing it down with towels and drying it off with the blow dryer.  Yes, that's farm life.  I would appreciate your prayers for our turkey barns.  They are not built to withstand extreme slow loads, and our barns are old. If we truly get 12-15" like they are saying, well, I know people who had barns collapse under less snow than that.  But I put all in the Father's hands.  I trust Him to perfect all that concerns me.  So while I pray that our barns don't collapse, I ask foremost for His will.  He knows best.  Please agree with me in prayer for our Lord to watch over and protect us, and not just me and my family, but everybody affected by this snow.  It is just beginning to get light outside and the snow is coming down. 

Stay warm my friends, and be safe!  This is the day that the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it. 


  1. Thinking about you today. We'll be hunkered down tomorrow, so I'll try to post pictures from here tomorrow. Good luck!

  2. I too pray that you and the rest of us keep electricity. I am off today from the Cooperative, I am on call if needed. One blessing is we didn't get much ice first. And this is the last time I will say it's a beautiful snow.
    Stay warm, and safe.

  3. Hi so nice that you came over to my blog this morning. It is nice to know how others are doing. When we came to work this morning to the college kitchen the road was really erie. The snow was really blowing across the fields and so it was hard to see. We got here. Can't wait to get off work and be home.....safe!

    Your comment was such a blessing......thank you for all your sweetness!!!!!!! I will be praying for you all also.

    Hugs, Linda

  4. Wow! I realize that even though you aren't going to work today, you'll be working just trying to keep things safe. My prayers are for your farm & family. May God keep you all safe.

  5. I think the snow is going to give us a break here! I am so ready for Spring.I really like your blog. Glad I found it!

  6. Wondering how your snow is going. We are not getting what was predicted...it's hanging over Lake Erie longer and hitting the college student in Buffalo. We're OK with that! We did have freezing rain and now its snowing, but school is still in...

  7. Oh, I hope your barns survived. We got tons of snow here...

  8. Just happened upon your blog today. So nice to find other Mo. blogs. I'm from Springfield & we had quite a storm but also felt so blessed to not have to deal with the ice -- been there, done that & don't want to do it again. Schools are all closed & lots of business. I'll pray for an early spring -- maybe we could make it a group effort. Stay warm! Jan

  9. Hope you're staying cozy and still have power.
    What a storm this is!!!! Wish we had a little of it!! Sunny, blue skeis here and the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
    Hope the turkey's are warm!!
    Don't forget to show us pictures!!