Friday, May 6, 2011

Farminig On Faith Giveaway!!!

My sweet friend Carrie over at Farming On Faith is having a giveaway.  If you are a regular follower of Carrie, (and if you aren't then WHY aren't you?? ), you know that Carrie loves all things Amish.  I must admit that I hadn't read any Amish books until recenly, and I'll tell you I am hooked.  The stories are so interesting.  The lifestyle of the Amish reminds me of a simpler time.  And these days with life so hectic, who doesn't long for SIMPLE?

HERE is the link to Carrie's giveaway post.  So head on over and enter for a chance to win the book "Paradise Valley" by Dale Cramer.  I KNOW you will LOVE IT!

And I sure hope y'all have a blessed day today!  Our God is SO GOOD! 


  1. I've read so many Amish books, and just *love* them! Because of them, we decided to spend some days in Lancaster, PA, two years ago when we had a holiday in the USA. We loved being there - such gorgeous countryside - and I felt a real bond with the people because of all I'd read. It gave me a more realistic view of their lives - the positives and the negatives.
    I love the look of the book in Carrie's giveaway ;)

  2. Thanks sweetie, I'll pop on over.

    God bless and have a marvelous Mother's Day weekend! :o)