Monday, May 2, 2011

Senior Prom

Saturday night was Cole's Senior Prom.  Prom was held at the Lodge of the Four Seasons at Lake Ozark. I want to show you some pictures of the most gorgeous looking couple at the prom -- my son and his girlfriend, Megan.

If you think I am bragging, you are right.  My pride in my children knows no bounds. 

Beautiful couple.  Blessed mama.  'Nuf said. 


  1. Cute couple and beautiful outfits! Earrings and all.

  2. I love Meagan's dress and the color of your sons tie. Great looking couple. YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE PROUD!

  3. I love the last photo where he's admiring her! :) I bet they had such a great time. That girl's dress is stunning!

  4. Hi Robbin,
    How very pretty and handsome they are ! And what an awesome place to get to have a prom!
    We had prom too this past weekend...stop by and visit me and see my little girl and her date! Oh how I'm still catching up from the weekend!