Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Prayer Request

Boy I would sure love it if all my blogging friends would be in prayer for my mother-in-law.  She fell Friday evening and has fractured her shoulder.  Unfortunately, it is a very bad break.  She is in the hospital now, and the specialist is planning to operate on Monday. 

Please pray for complete healing of that shoulder.  Agree with me for God to guide the hands of the doctor, and nurses, all who will come in contact with my mother-in-law.  We are praying for comfort and for rest for her pre-surgery, and a total recover post-surgery.

Thanks to each one of you!  May God bless you tremendously! 


  1. Done!!! Praying for peace for everyone and that God will work all of this for good in His own way.

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry. Will be praying for her! A lovely blog you have! I'm off to have a look around! :)


  3. Sorry to hear about your mom's fall. Praying for her to be restored to full use of her shoulder and arm.