Monday, July 25, 2011

Fair Time

I don't know about where YOU are, but here in Missouri it is brutally hot, and has been for a couple of weeks.  Bad news is, there really is no relief in sight.  Regular followers know that I am not a summertime person.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want it to be 10 below zero, but when its above 85 degrees, well, I don't like it.  Fall is my favorite season.  And that's about the only thing that keeps me going during the summer, knowing that fall is truly just around the corner. Pumpkins, crisp days, no humidity, sweaters.  Please fall, HURRY UP!!!!!!!!  I'm melting . . . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Missouri, hot weather also means "Fair Time!"  This past week my kids showed their steers at the Miller County Fair.  Yes it was hot sitting on the bleachers in the sun, but I don't miss one minute of anything my kids are doing . . . even showing steers on the hottest day of the year!  I was so proud!!!

In addition to showing steers, Cole entered the flat bed trailer he built in FFA ag mechanics and HE WAS NAMED GRAND CHAMPION!!!!

It was a great week for our family.  Something we all do together, which I think is so important for families these days.  Keeping the kids involved in our farming operation, and having fun while we do it is our goal and so far it seems to be working!

Now, if we could just get some cooler temperatures!  Have a blessed day! 


  1. Fair time was always fun but exhausting with our kids. thanks for bringing back good memories!

  2. congrats to your kids for a good showing at the fair! impressive trailor, cole! those welding skills will definitely come in handy. he will make a good husband someday!

    it is hot hot hot here too but not missouri hot!

  3. Congrats to Cole on the trailer... woo hoo!! We will look for it at the State Fair and I will say proudly "I know his mama!" :) Your daughter is a beauty.. even in this heat. I can only imagine how miserable it was there. I can only take it in short bursts! Like you, I am hanging on for Fall. Normally I love summer too - but this one has me melting! have a fantastic week. -Tammy

  4. Congrats to your precious ones!! I love that your FFA is still so active.