Friday, July 8, 2011

No More Drip, Drip, Drip

Our kitchen faucet has been dripping for quite a while.  Think months of dripping.  At first it was no big deal.  I just had to move the handle a little bit and it would stop dripping.  We live out in the country, water is free, so fixing a drip really wasn't a priority.  Over the last couple of months, the dripping has been getting worse, and it is harder and harder to move the handle to find a spot where it won't drip.  But still, I've got bigger fish to fry than a dripping faucet, so I ignored it, and just kept moving the handle to find a spot where it doesn't drip.

Here is the old, dripping faucet.  

Looks harmless enough doesn't it???  Well, there's more.

This week I got home from work and opened up the cabinets under the sink to get something, and there was water everywhere.  My dripping faucet that hadn't been a big deal, suddenly became a HUGE DEAL.  The drip, drip didn't bother me.  Water under the sink, now THAT got my attention.

So, I did what anyone would do.  I, got a brand new faucet.  

Check out that bad boy.  The sprayer is a pull-down style.  I've never had one of those before, so I'll have to let you know what I think.  It is an AquaSource brand, got it at Lowe's for $98. And the best thing of all . . . no more drip drip drip.  No more water under the sink.  Life is good.

Oh, and stay tuned for some "canning" pictures over the weekend.  Our garden is coming right along, and tonight, we can green beans!


  1. Nice faucet! I'd like a new one, too. Your water is free? Not fair, I say! :)

  2. We had that same thing happen a few years faucet for us too!!!
    I can't believe you're canning already!! My corn is 3' high, my beans...3"!!!! We had 5 days of warm weather, now back to rain and wind. Weird summer here in the NW!
    Looking forward to your pictures!