Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Can

And when I say "we can."  I'm not being encouraging, or inspirational.  I mean literally, WE CAN.  WE CAN GREEN BEANS!!!

Ya pick 'em, ya wash 'em, and wash 'em, and wash'em, and then ya snap 'em, and then ya wash 'em again, and again.  Ya put 'em in the quart jars, ya put 'em in the canner.  And then ya pressure cook the heck out of them for 25 minutes at 10 pounds pressure.  And out come THE MOST DELICIOUS GREEN BEANS YOU HAVE EVER EATEN.

We've canned 25 quarts so far.  At least 75 more quarts to go.  But some of them we will do in the fall.  When it is a little bit COOLER!!  It is HOT in Missouri in July!

In case you are wondering, yes, this is a lot of work.  It is miserable picking beans when it is 100 degrees.  You're sweaty, you're itchy, you're miserable.  But, when you sit down to delicious home canned green beans cooked with bacon and onion.  Yum, yum, yum.  Worth every minute! 


  1. geeze your crop sounds like ours was last year!!! sooo many greenbeans!! this year ours didnt come up good (darn it LOL) and we will have significantly less!

  2. Oh, yum I'll be right over! :) That is a bunch of beans for sure. How do you wait and can them in the fall, is that a fall crop?

  3. You have canned more than I have, I mean we have. (Sorry honey). anyway our pole beans have not set on yet. We are hoping for great results there.
    We can ours in pints, after all it's the empty nest syndrome here!
    Happy Canning!

  4. Wow! I'm always amazed at how much canning you and your family do. Makes me tired to think about it.. lol! They truly are the best though. And what a sense of accomplishment when it's all done! -Tammy

  5. Oh you will so enjoy all those green beans.

    It is so HOT!!! It has been a few summers since we have been this hot!

    I have enjoyed catching up with you!

    Stay cool!

  6. I'm so envious of your crop...not your weather!!!! I've had terrible luck with my beans the last few years so I'm hoping for a bumper crop this year. It's been way cooler than normal here, so my beans that I planted 2 months ago are just now starting to run.
    I have one of those propane burners that I use outside when it's too hot to can inside. Works really well!!
    Praying for some heat relief for all of you!

  7. This looks so hard to me! I need help big time...

    your blog is just wonderful!

    best, Kelley