Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Books Are Expensive!!!

Cole starts college on Monday.  I can't begin to express all of the emotions tied up in that phrase.  Pride, excitement, sadness.  But enough about that for now.  I might get a little teary eyed.

Cole went to the campus book store to purchase his books yesterday.  He bought three used books and one new book.  I know, a new book, but, the new book isn't available as a used book, it's BRAND NEW, so he had no choice.  But the new book wasn't the most expensive book.  The most expensive book he purchased, which was used, was $117.  A book on Chemistry.  It's paperback.

The total for all four books . . . $403.00.  Isn't that ridiculous?  I mean, really, its paper.  $403.00.  They don't LOOK like they cost $403.00, do they?

Thank heavens for a scholarship that provides a $500 book allowance!


  1. You are very fortunate for the book allowance! That price is actually normal....but always try half.com - I usually make out well at that site!

  2. I know that my daughter ordered a lot of hers on Amazon, and half-books (not sure of the name) and some from Barnes and Noble. Most are cheaper than the bookstore!!! I'm searching for some cheaper ones for my son right now!!!

  3. I have one more year until our youngest is in college. She's been homeschooled since 7th grade, so the separation may be tearful here. Amazon and eBay are a great place to buy books for less.

    I was looking at your header photo. What a beautiful area! My husband and I are looking for retirement land in the country like that. Where in Missouri are you located?

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  4. How exciting! Hope he has a great year.

  5. Someone, somewhere makes out like a bandit on college textbooks and it's just wrong!
    I think my daughter was able to use her chemistry and bio books for 2 semesters, so that was bonus!!
    She ordered some through the internet...word from experience...make sure that you get the fastest shipping you can..pay extra for it.