Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rain Is A Good Thing

This morning it rained at my house.  Not a storm, not a downpour.  But a nice soft rain.

I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father for every drop of rain that falls from the sky.  And for it being a little bit cooler.  We have been so hot and dry here, it has been miserable.  We need a lot more rain, and for it to cool down significantly.  But, today, I am thankful for rain.  Thank you Jesus for this rain!!!!!


  1. I was out in the plot for a couple of hours this afternoon in the *pouring* rain. It was wonderful! But I have to say that my heart was with you guys, and others like you who are struggling. I thought especially of those whose livelihoods depend on rain coming, and *especially* those with livestock. Oh, how awful to be seeing them struggling and even suffering in the heat :(
    We've had a constant downpour all day. Because of my blogging friends, I felt truly thankful for our weather, whereas before, I'd probably have moaned...
    (Wishing I could transport it to y'all :)

  2. We had a good soaking overnight here in South Central Nebraska -- what a blessing!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)


  3. We could use some rain here in NC. We are hot but not as hot as you. Our daughter's family lives in Tulsa and it has been miserable and their air conditioning went out on Monday night.

  4. I live in Oregon so we pray that it doesn't rain :) but when I lived in Texas we were always praying for rain. Thanks for your sweet comment at Always Nesting!