Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Needing Your Prayers Today

My dear friends.  Today, I ask for your prayers.  A week ago Sunday our son hurt his foot on the 4-wheeler.  We took him to the ER and they x-rayed it but it showed nothing broken.  So they sent him home with crutches and told him it should be better in a week or so.  The foot is no better.  Still very swollen and very bruised and very sore.  Yesterday we took him to our doctor and he said the foot is beginning to be infected due to all the bruising.  He put Cole on an antibiotic, and said if it wasn't better by today, he would have to give him something stronger.  He is also sending us for an MRI this afternoon.  I wish I could say I thought his foot looked better this morning, but it doesn't.  Cole is miserable.  He is so tired of his foot being swollen and hurting constantly.  And I am worried about the infection.

So today, please if you would lift my son in prayer today for complete healing in Jesus name.  And while I am asking for prayers, please pray for my sister, Rhonda.  She cut her foot early this morning on a half opened can of dog food and went to the ER and got 10 stitches. 

I thank each one of you in advance for praying.  The Bible tells us in Matthew 18:19  “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven."  I am standing on that this morning as we lift Cole and Rhonda before the Great Physician!  Thank you for your prayers, and may the Lord bless you and your families today! 


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of his pain...will pray immediatly and for your sister...

    I just posted about answered prayers..and some that take time...GOD KNOWS.

    Romans 8:28 is so very true and at times of concern we must remember HE is in control and knows the beginning from the end.

    He also knows Pain..

    Thinking of you and your great need at this time.


  2. sorry to hear about that. :) will be praying..

  3. Saying prayers for both! Keep us posted, please :) -Tammy

  4. I have prayed for your son and your sister. Let us know how they are doing when you can.

  5. Lifted a prayer for him. Keep us informed.