Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Unseasonably Warm!

We've been hearing the weather man says those two words a lot lately.  "Unseasonably warm!"  Every time you turn on the television or radio and hear the weather report, that's what they say.  "Unseasonably warm!" 

Folks it is March in Missouri, and it has been in the 80s since the end of last week.  We have mowed our lawn twice.  Our "Easter lilies" have already bloomed and are gone.  The trees are starting to get leaves on them.  Our peach tree has already bloomed.

The last week in March in 2011, we had 2" of snow.  Today, we are expecting a high of 80 degrees.

I don't like HOT weather.  And I don't like really COLD weather.  But I will take every second of this "UNSEASONABLY WARM" weather I can get. 

Many people have already planted their garden.  We haven't yet.  We have had a lot of rain, too, so we are putting off planting.  But it won't be long now. 

Hope you are having beautiful weather in your neck of the woods!  I love me some springtime!!!!


  1. Good for you...we are having a bit of nice weather, but when the wind blows it feels cold to me! We are going south this weekend to work on our new little house, it is warmer there! ;)

  2. Hi Robbin!
    I'm so with you! :0)
    I love this! Spring is just an awesome season!
    I even love the Spring rains! I haven't done the garden yet either!
    I've been off last week on Spring break and now this week for 4 days babysitting my new granddaughter! It has been an awesome spring! HA!