Monday, August 27, 2012

Praying For Rain

I need your help my friends.

I need you to pray for rain.

I know that you have heard on the news about the drought that our country is experiencing.  I can tell you that Down On The Farm has been hit HARD by the drought.

We raise cattle, and cattle eat grass.  When it doesn't rain, there is no grass for our cows to eat.

When there is no grass for our cows to eat, we have to feed hay.

We don't have enough hay to feed our cattle from now until springtime.  Typically, we don't start feeding hay until MUCH later in the year.

Typically the grass grows in the fall and we cut hay again to make certain we have enough hay for the winter.  But NOTHING is growing here because it is so dry.

We refuse to let our animals go hungry.  We have sold cattle twice this summer, and if we don't receive some significant rains real soon, we will have to sell more cattle.  We can only keep as many cattle as we can feed.

I need you to ask the Lord to send rain to all the drought stricken areas, including Down On The Farm. 

We were supposed to get rain this past weekend.  We got five one-hundredths of an inch.

We were supposed to get rain every week for the past three weeks.  We get a few sprinkles and that is it.  We have had less than 2" of rain since the end of May.  Things are getting serious.  We are desperate for rain.

I ask for your prayers for rain for everyone affected by the drought.  And I pray for those in the path of hurricane Isaac, who are getting rain they don't need.  I ask God to protect everyone in the path of that storm. 

May God bless each of you.  And may God send the rain.


  1. Praying. And sharing this on Facebook. Hope you don't mind!

  2. Done!
    What a frustrating position to be in...we don't appreciate you farmers nearly enough. Praying for just enough!

  3. We received about .5 in today and needed it almost as badly as you. Yard grass has greened and pastures somewhat. It is too late for the crops. I will add you to my prayers for rain.linda

  4. Yes, I am praying for you to receive rain.

  5. Feeling your pain! Last year I spray painted "PRAY FOR RAIN" on the round bales next to the road!! We've been blessed w/an 1 1/2 in the last two weeks, our alfalfa is returning from the dead. The thought of loading our girls on a semi makes me cry just thinking about it!!

  6. In an attempt to stretch things, we are selling our steer babies straight off the cow on Thursday....guess we'll wean the heifer calves then as well so the cows can recover a bit before winter.