Monday, February 25, 2013

Farming In Wintertime

We are between storms here at Down On The Farm.

We had a big winter storm last Thursday.  Lots of sleet, and snow, and freezing rain.

This is from the pond dam looking north. Those brown areas are hay on the ground, not areas where it has melted.

This is from the pond dam looking west.

Looking to the northwest.

Looking back toward our house. 

Looks cold and snowy doesn't it???

Another shot of some of our cattle, with one of our turkey barns in the background.

These pictures were taken a few days after the storm.  We really got hit.  Lots of sleet and snow.  Actually more sleet than snow.  And its not melting very fast at all.

In February our heifers start having calves.  Here are a few of our babies that were born during or right after the storm.

This one was actually in my basement getting warmed up.  Sometimes the mamas just can't get the babies dried off and warmed up soon enough.  And if that doesn't happen, well, they don't make it.  So sometimes, if we find the calf in time, we can help them out.  This one spent several hours in our basement in a little home made calf warmer.  It's doing fine.

This little baby needed lots of help.  The heifer had just given up, so we got her into the lot, pulled the calf and kept them in the barn overnight.  Again, the calf is doing fine!!

Isn't it cute????

Looks like another winter storm headed our way tonight and tomorrow.  We would appreciate your prayers for our livestock as we have LOTS more baby calves to be born over the next several weeks!  We have too many cows to get them all in the barn during a winter storm.  So God made a farmer . . . . .


  1. I heard you had been getting a lot of snow out your way. You'll probably be glad for spring. That baby is just precious. I glad it's okay and that you were able to get to it in time. Thanks for sharing this moment in time with us.


  2. And I'll bet that snow is still there. Ours is! Hope and pray your calving has gone smoothly in spite of this weather. Daylight Savings time this weekend.. woot! Sunshine today - double-woot! Your pictures are so pretty and there is not much cuter than a little calf ♥ -Tammy

  3. The baby looks beautiful! I hope there are some signs of the spring on the farm :)