Monday, August 18, 2014

Empty Nest

Still can't believe that my husband and I are "empty nesters." 

I mean really.

I've heard that phrase for years, but now, I AM an empty nester.

How did that happen?

What does that even mean?

Here is a picture of our daughter taken four years ago on her first day of her freshman year of high school.  

Today, she started her first year of college.

Our handsome son is all grown up, graduated from college, owns his own home, and has a real job.

And our world is completely changed.  We've gone from a household of FOUR to a household of TWO in just three short months.

Thanks so much for all your prayers for us on Friday when we moved Alex to college.  I truly felt that, and was able to really hold it together pretty well.

And I thank you for your continued prayers for our son and daughter as they embark on new stages of life.  My heart's desire is for them to stay close to God, and be happy.  That is what I pray for every day.

And I really am looking forward to seeing where God leads me in this next stage of my life too.  Because that's what it is for me . . . a new stage.  I am excited!!

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