Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tomorrow . . . . . .

Tomorrow is a day that I have dreaded all summer long.

Tomorrow we will wake up early, load the cars, and drive two hours south.  

Tomorrow, we will take our beautiful daughter, Alex, to college.

Tomorrow afternoon we will drive home alone, just her dad and I.  Yes, there will be tears.

Tomorrow night she will sleep in her dorm room.  I wonder if she will rest.  Will she be excited, nervous, scared??

Tomorrow night before I go to bed, I will walk into her empty bedroom next to ours.  Yes, there will be more tears.

Tomorrow night I will go to bed and pray, just like I always do, for God to watch over both of my children and keep them safe.  I will pray for God to lead them and guide them in every aspect of their lives, and in every decision that they make.  I will pray for my children to resist the temptations of this world, and always keep their hearts close to Him.  But tomorrow night's prayer will be a little more emotional.  Because tomorrow night's prayer will require some extra faith on my part.

Tomorrow I would appreciate your prayers for our family as we experience one of the most natural, and yet unnatural events in life . . . dropping a child off at college.

Tomorrow, I will leave a piece of my heart in another town.

Tomorrow is almost here.


  1. Oh hugs yes lots of tears we have had to do this for both of our girls and I still remember those first few nights. She will be fine. HUGS B

  2. Praying for you~ I remember the tears when I looked up and noticed the darkness in all the girl's rooms.

  3. Tomorrow for me also! Though she will be a junior, it is still hard. Let the tears flow. It is okay!

  4. I still have ALL my troops at home, but this is something that's kind of on my mind alot. With the older three now between 17 and 21, I know having a much emptier nest can't be too far away. Waaaaaah!
    Thankfully, we have our 11yr old 'baby' .... ;)
    Anne x