Friday, September 12, 2014


Do you feel like your life just gets busier every single day?? I do.

When I was younger, of course not that I'm old by any means, I really thought that when I got older, life would be slower, and I would have some spare time. 

What a joke!!

I think I am busier now than I've ever been. 

And I don't know why??

I have no kids living at home, so I have half the laundry to do, and yet, it seems I still do a lot of laundry.  

And even though I only have two people to feed instead of four, I still seem to buy groceries and cook!!!

I don't have any kids in our local high school, and yet I still go  watch my beautiful niece play volleyball.  (GO MUSTANGS!)  I've been to two games just this week, one "home" game, one "away" game.

I still work full-time, and can see myself working full-time for many more years.  I really do like my job!!!

I still walk three miles every morning at 5:15 (and I can tell you that it is still completely dark when we finish walking at 6:00 a.m. and this morning it was CHILLY!)

I still serve on our local School Board.  And we have regular meetings once a month.  I have just a little over a year and a half left on my second term.

So for those of you that have been where I am, please tell me.  Does life EVER SLOW DOWN??

And just to make it clear, I am NOT really complaining!! I have a wonderful life.  I am so blessed to have family and friends and a job.  Its just that years ago I really thought at this "stage" of life I would have a lot more spare time.  

So the question is, when will this abundant spare time start?  Inquiring minds want to know!!

Be blessed today!!  Remember to pray for our country.  Pray for our leaders.  Pray for my sister-in-law's family as they bury her father-in-law this weekend.  Pray for a sweet blogging friend of mine who is having surgery later this month.  Pray for two little boys, both with very serious health issues, both named Grayson.  These boys need healing, and their families need strength and encouragement.  God is good, and He is still on the throne!!

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  1. It is true for me, also, that life does not slow down as I get older. I have 2 grown and married daughters and have been blessed to have 5 precious grandchildren. My daughters both live nearby and we are involved in their lives. I stopped working more than 10 years ago to help with the little ones who kept coming along. If and when you begin to have grandchildren, you will see your life will be busier than ever before.

    I took a moment before I left my comments to pray for your sister-in-law's family in the loss of their loved one and for healing for the 2 Graysons. Our country and its leaders and the world, as a whole, all need much prayer. I feel the urgency more than ever in my life and I am old enough to remember the Bay of Pigs situation, the Cold War, and the uncertainty and fears I had as a little girl. Little children of today, around the world, have so much to deal with in this day and time.

    I hope you will have a beautiful and blessed weekend!