Monday, September 29, 2014

A Beautiful Sky

 Aren't these clouds amazing??  We went to check cows last night and the sky was just beautiful.

Every few minutes the sky changed. The clouds would look completely different.  AMAZING.

The pictures really don't do it justice.  

What an amazing gift from God.  We are surrounded by His majesty if we just stop and look.


  1. Those are phenomenal pictures. I can only imagine how spectacular it was seeing it firsthand with the air and scents around you. xo Diana

    ps. I just wanted to mention in case you don't know... DO you know that anyone that leaves a comment has to type in a word or number verification? Sometimes people don't know it is ON and it does stop some people from leaving comments. Just wasn't sure if you knew it was on.

  2. I first viewed this post on my new little kindle fire gadget last night.. pics are SO amazing even w/ small size! Now viewing on "big screen" and they are absolutely breathtaking!! So true.. we must take time to look up, look around us.. the proof is there ♥ -Tammy p.s. is this coincidence or ..? blogging again is reawakening my appreciation for these amazing God-given gifts around us.

  3. I thank the Lord you are a gal and others I know. Who are not shy to witness the love of the Lord and put him first in your life. Ask for prayer.

    I am a Christian also . I plan to add myself to you friends list.