Monday, October 27, 2014

The Sound of Silence

I couldn't tell you the last time a repair man was at my house.

I mean, I use my stuff forever, but my husband is pretty darned handy when it comes to fixing stuff.  So I rarely have to "call the professionals."

But today, I will have two professionals at my house. One will be here to fix the dryer.  The other to fix the air conditioner.

My dryer has been making a horrendous noise for quite some time.

I've just been putting up with it.  I mean seriously.  It still works.  It still tumbles and blows warm air.  Isn't that what a dryer is supposed to do? 

But that noise.  It just keeps getting louder. Wow. I mean it is SO LOUD you can hardly sleep.  

My "laundry room" isn't really a separate room.  Meaning, there are no doors to close.  So when the dryer is running it knocks and bangs all through the house.  Seriously, you can't imagine how LOUD it is!!!

Turns out the part that surrounds the blower is broken, so that loud sound is that part bouncing around every time the dryer makes a rotation.  So the nice repair man ordered the part.  It should be in today.

Friday evening I got home from work and the house was really, really warm.  Summertime has returned to Missouri here in late October.  But when I tried to turn on the air conditioner, nothing. 

Zip.  Nada.  Silence.

Saturday morning we called another repair man who showed up Saturday afternoon to tell us that the "transformer" in the a/c unit had burned up.  So he ordered a new one (a transformer, not a new unit!) and is supposed to be here today to fix that.

Yesterday it was 88 degrees outside.  And pretty close to that inside our house. It was TOASTY!!

So tonight when I get home, I am expecting SOUND to be coming from our air conditioner, and SILENCE from our dryer.  And for the temperature to be down to a comfortable level again, purty please!!!!  When I was a kid we didn't have air conditioning, but I've become quite spoiled.

Of course, now that the air conditioner is fixed, summertime will be going away.  It's going to be 39 degrees Wednesday morning.  But I'm still gonna need that dryer!!

Ahhh, the sound of silence!!!


  1. Oh - I hate those repair bills but I hate things that need repairs even more. lol Our AC went this Fall but the AC guy says he won't fix it now until Spring. The chance of us having another warm day here this Fall is highly unlikely.

    Hope you have a deafening silence when you get home! lol xo Diana

  2. It's nice that you rarely have to call the pros to fix anything around the house. But there are times when you need it fixed ASAP, and the only option available is to bring them in. Though it's great that you only had to replace the defective parts and not the entire unit, so it wasn't as costly. Hopefully, those repairs hold up for some time. Take care!

    Harvey Chapman @ Liberty Comfort Systems

  3. I hope they got you all fixed up!! Those two things are a necessity in my book. And wouldn't it figure now the temps are chilling off?! -Tammy