Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stormy Skies

It has been really, really dry here this past summer.  Nothing like the drought of 2012, but we are well below our normal rainfall.

Several times the past few weeks we have had a decent chance of rain, and we get nothing.

Not one drop of rain.

Yesterday the forecast was a 60% chance of rain.

These are the clouds from the approaching storm last night.

And you know what . . . it poured down rain last night.

This morning I dumped 2 and 3/10 inches of rain out of our rain gauge.

And it is raining again right now.

And it is supposed to rain all day long.

Thank you Lord for sending the rain!!! 


  1. I am so glad you got some rain. We have had MORE than our fair share of rain this year. It is hard to strike a happy medium with the weather. xo Diana

  2. mmm...those highways look familiar. You paid the preacher more than we did, so far we have less than 2 inches. Of course it's raining again.
    Stay safe. Yesterday and today, it's been some wild thunder and lightening.

  3. We have had rain, cold in Canada. I think total we had 7 days of summer.

    I am enjoying your blogs.