Monday, August 31, 2015


Lately I've been working hard on dropping some weight.  I lost 21 pounds last winter (YEAH ME!) . . . but I'm frustrated to admit that as of a few weeks ago I had put 12 pounds back on :(.  Yeah.  I'm pretty disappointed in myself.  So a couple of weeks ago I started taking Plexus Slim (THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR PLEXUS, BUT I AM A PLEXUS AMBASSADOR AND HAVE HAD GREAT RESULTS AND IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN HEARING MORE JUST LEAVE ME A COMMENT).  I've had a lot more energy since then, I'm able to stick to my low carb lifestyle, I've started doing my daily walking again and I'm happy to report I'm down 5.6 pounds!!

Yesterday afternoon, and four cans of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint I'm using to FINALLY finish up THIS OUTDOOR FURNITURE project later (pictures coming soon!!), I decided to take my daily walk for exercise.  I put on my tennis shoes, put my ear buds in and walked 4 miles on a very warm and humid Missouri day!!  

Walking four miles was tough. It was HOT and HUMID.  I usually only walk three miles per day, but it was Sunday afternoon, I had some extra time, and so I just kept on walking . . . and listening to my ipod.

I listened to four miles worth of praise and worship music.  Some of the songs brought tears to my eyes.  Some of the songs made my heart soar with joy and peace.  I prayed as I walked, I praised as I walked.

Yes, walking four miles is good for my body.  It is good to get my heart rate up, it is good to move those muscles, it is good to burn a few extra calories.  But no matter what I do, no matter how healthy I am, one day my body will pass away.  And the four miles I walked won't really have mattered.  But the four miles of praise and worship songs.  The four miles of my heart being opened to my Savior.  The four miles of FOOD for my soul.  That will last forever.  

I said all that to say this.  Taking care of our bodies is a good thing.  I believe God wants us to be healthy and in good shape as we serve Him.  But if you are putting more time improving your physical body, than feeding the Holy Spirit that lives inside you, you're investing in the wrong place.


  1. Excellent word! Nothing can replace the time we spend in worship!

    1. Thanks Debbie!! PLEASE keep me updated on your little granddaughter. So excited for you all!! I am praying!!

  2. GOOD for YOU! I've not been able to walk for some time...had a hard fall and jimmied my hip and am simply glad to be on my feet and dragging my leg.

  3. Oh the weight thing....ugh! Thanks for inspiration!