Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey, Hey, HAY

I think this is the LATEST my husband has ever been baling hay.

We have had a LOT of rain this year, and everything is late. 

Today our beautiful daughter is raking hay, and my husband is baling.  If he doesn't break down (which is always a possibility) he should finish up the summertime hay today.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and he will be able to get a second cutting of hay this fall.  Our cattle will sure appreciate that hay when the snow flies this winter.

 This picture is freshly mowed hay.

I wish you could smell it.   Heavenly!!

The left side has been mowed, the right sight is still standing.  

And in case you're wondering what my garden looks like . . . well here you go.

No, it's not a mistake.  This is a shot of where my garden should be, if we had planted a garden that is.  Between all the rain we had this spring and summer, and two weddings in 49 days, we just couldn't find the time.

Maybe next year!


  1. Don't feel bad about not putting out a garden. I don't think there's a good garden for several counties!
    Ours is done for. Only canned tomatoes 2 times, less than a dozen cucumbers, no zucchini either!

  2. I share your joy! My hat was baled, dry, this for the upper pasture but even so...there are 30 bales of DRY hay...Praise God!

  3. Hay is one of my favorite smells

  4. I love the smell of hay and horses and all things FARM (with a few exceptions)!

    It's time for us to buy some hay. Thankful for you farmers who do the hard work for us who need to feed our hungry horses!

  5. There is nothing in the world like the smell of fresh mown hay. The scent takes me right back to my childhood on the farm in PA! Yep - always next year for your gardening effort. xo Diana

  6. Our hay is late this year too! And I did have a garden (well, 2!) -- and they are both pitiful. But still, have a few things to pick and eat. Nothing to can! Hope all is well with you and yours! -Tammy