Friday, August 21, 2015

Prayers Needed

Today I am asking for your prayers.  I actually have a couple of prayer requests.  The first one is prayer for a friend of mine (Holly), and her husband (Jason).  Jason has cancer.  Jason has been participating in some clinical trials (yeah, his cancer is very serious) and, long story short, they have stopped the clinical trials and sent them home.

Holly and Jason are very strong in their faith.  They are asking God for a miracle, and yet they know that God is still God even if their prayers aren't answered the way they want.

Folks these people need to be bathed in prayer.  They need the power of the Holy Spirit to encamp around them.  They need lifted up.  They need the joy of the Lord to be their strength.  Jason needs healing.  They need peace that passes all understanding.

Please pray for this wonderful couple (and their family) as you would pray if they were your siblings, your kids, your parents.  We know that God is still on the throne.  And we know that nothing is too difficult for Him.  

I also ask for prayers for my sweet daughter, Alex, as she flies to Norfolk, Virginia EARLY Saturday morning.  Her husband will pick her up and they will get her in the "system" as a military spouse, and he will be getting signatures and finishing up his last few days of being stationed in Virginia.  Then they will be driving back to Missouri together.  We don't know exactly when they will be back . . . just depends on how quickly he is released from Virginia.  Once they are back in Missouri, they will be here for about a week, and then they head to San Diego, California where our son-in-law will serve his last two years in the Marine Corp.  Please pray for safe travels for them, as she is flying tomorrow, and as they are driving back sometime next week.  And keep praying for this mama who still can't believe her baby is going to be living 1,800 miles away.

Thank you all so much for your prayers.  I believe the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth MUCH.

Blessings to you all!  


  1. Yes, I will prayer for your dear friends and your daughter and SIL. To be safe in their travels. I pray God will bless Jason to ease his pain. Also , the pain of his loved ones too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Praying with you and for all of these friends and family. Thank you for sharing your heart and asking for prayer.

  3. Thank your son and his wife for serving and prayers for all.

  4. My mama's heart is right there with you! My daughter gets married in 3 weeks' time and she will be moving to Northern Ireland. I can't quite get my head around our family not being 'complete' again ..... But I *do* know I have SO much to be thankful for. Many other mums look at empty beds because they have lost precious children. For you and for me, they are but natural (and wonderful) progressions
    Anne x