Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dead Man Walkin'

Yes, we're back from our trip down South to Louisiana.  We had a wonderful trip.  Yes, I had two flat tires . . . . (long story) . . . but wound up getting new tires out of the deal and maybe one day I'll share the whole story.  But for now, I gotta preach.  I have got to share my new favorite song.  "Dead Man Walking" by John Tibbs.  Check out this video . . . I mean it.  CLICK ON THE VIDEO AND WATCH IT!!!! 

Friends, this is what it's all about.  Unless we KNOW Jesus we are all Dead Men Walking.  It doesn't matter if you cut your teeth on the church pew like I did.  It doesn't matter how many Bibles you own, or how many Scriptures you can quote.  I don't care how much money you donate to a church or a charitable organization.  It's not about being "good" or about not being "bad."  It's about Jesus.

If you know Him, then you're saved.  And if you don't, then you're a Dead Man Walking.

Money won't save you.

Good intentions won't save you.

Being happy won't save you.

Only one thing can save you and that's Jesus.  Ask Him today to forgive you of your sins.  And then spend the rest of your life following Him.  Read your Bible.  Find a good Bible based church and get involved.

It isn't easy.  You will probably lose a few friends.  Some people will avoid you.  But you gain eternity in heaven with Jesus.  

You really can know Him.  And He really does speak to us.  No, not a voice we can hear in our ears, but a voice we know in our Hearts.  He loves you so much.  

If you didn't listen to the video then click on it and do it now.  And if you did listen to it, listen again.  I'm so thankful that I'm not a dead man walking.  I'm thankful that I know Him, and that He has washed away my sins.  

God is so good!!!!!!


  1. Great lyrics! Very true words. I was certainly dead until I met Jesus :) He changed everything!

  2. It is absolutely the most wonderful thing to ponder our salvation and that the Lord is powerful to save all who come to Him. Because....we cannot do it ourselves. Indeed...we are as dead men. One of our pastors likes to describe us before we were saved to be like a skeleton at the bottom of the ocean with barnacles growing on us....completely unable to do anything for ourselves. What a powerful picture of our dependency on the Lord!! May He be our everything. Blessings, Camille

  3. Preach it, Sister! It's all about Jesus...the one thing that makes Dave's death "easier" is he made his peace with God almost exactly five days before he died. That's so unusual...for an older person to come to Jesus; Dave was 66.