Friday, February 26, 2016

Two Whole Weeks!!!!!

Tomorrow just before noon my beautiful daughter flies into Kansas City International Airport from California.  I will pick her up at the airport and we will have her home for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!

Our son-in-law will be away on a training mission (please pray for him!) so she is going to stay with us for part of the time that he is gone.

Please pray for a safe flight for her, safe travels for me to pick her up, and for God to bless our time together as a family.

Having both my kids at the dinner table tomorrow night, along with our beautiful daughter-in-law, well, it just warms my heart.  I'm so very excited!!

When I pick her up tomorrow it will have been eleven weeks and three days since I've seen her . . . not that I'm counting!!

Thank you for the prayers everyone!  They are very much appreciated!!! 


  1. TWO WEEKS incredible enjoy every minute. hug B

  2. I have two daughters and I honestly cannot imagine not seeing either of them for eleven weeks. I stopped for a moment and said a prayer for all of you and I hope your family will have a beautiful and blessed two weeks together!

  3. 31 days until I see my daughter, so I'm jealous! Enjoy your time!

  4. What a blessing! Have a great time and enjoy every minute :)

  5. That's wonderful to have the kids home again. Get lots of hugs. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

  6. Hey there...
    I haven't been "blogging" in a while! But I recently got to see and acquaintance from Eldon! Email me at to see if you know them! :)