Monday, September 24, 2018

Day Three

Today is Day Three of my healthy lifestyle journey.  Here's an update.

On Saturday morning I did a 30 minute workout at home.  I didn't think I'd really done much until I tried to go down the steps from our porch late morning. My legs were shaky!!  I'm really trying to make good food choices but it isn't easy for me.  I love food.   For breakfast I had overnight oats made with unsweetened almond milk.  I also attended a baby shower for my beautiful daughter-in-law Saturday afternoon.  I had already eaten lunch so I skipped the sandwiches and dessert.  Instead I opted for a small salad and some grapes.  I drank water.  For supper I fixed pork steak and a salad.  I ate a small portion of the pork steak and a big lettuce salad. 

On Sunday I again had the overnight oats for breakfast.  They really are tasty.  For lunch I ate a small piece of the leftover pork steak and a salad.  For supper I fixed 2 small beef steaks and I ate one small steak and a salad with ranch dressing.  I had a banana for my snack, and some cashews.   I walked 1 mile Sunday afternoon and did a 25 minute workout Sunday evening.  I'm still making up my workout as I go along.  I'm doing lots of arm lifts to the front and side and over my head with the 5 pound weights.  And I hold the weights while I do squats. Ouch.  My legs are SORE!!  I have an exercise DVD I bought months ago.  I've never even opened it.  Tonight I'm going to open it and try to work my way through it. 

I did some meal planning over the weekend so I have 5 portions of chicken tenders and brown rice, enough for every day for lunch this week.  I brushed the tenders with a little bit of olive oil and sprinkled everything bagel seasoning on them.  The brown rice is just plain, made with water.  

Speaking of water, I read that a great weight loss tool is drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day.  This is tough for me.  I'm not a huge water drinker.  I love Diet Coke and tea with artificial sweetener.  But I'm trying to make better choices so my GOAL is to try to drink NO DIET COKE this week, and to drink very little tea with sweetener.

I promise to be honest with you all.  If I skip a workout I'll tell you.  If I blow it and make a horrible food choice (like pepperoni pizza or a bowl of ice cream) I'll tell you.  I'm very serious about these next 97 days, but I'm also human.  I won't be perfect. I'm not vegan or vegetarian and my idea of "clean eating" will probably look different than yours.  But I'm really hoping that the accountability of making this very public on my blog and on Instagram will KEEP ME FOCUSED ON MAKING BETTER CHOICES!!!

Had a great sermon yesterday at church!!  We studied Rahab and how courageous she was.  Courageous faith.  That's what I want to have.  Courage to stand for Jesus no matter what.  

Snapped this picture Saturday evening.  Psalm 19:1  "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands!!"

Have a blessed day!!!!


  1. I am wishing you much good luck with eating healthy. It's all habit you know. You can eat the biggest salads if you watch the dressings. I would put my fork in the dressing then get salad on it. Or I would add diet sprite soda to ranch dressing to make it very thin. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Oh, Robbin. You have been on my mind for days and days and days. With the move and working full time I have fallen low on so many things I want to do---like contact you to see how you are doing. I often think of you and the recent loss of your mom and pray that you are doing okay. Forgive me for not being in contact more.

    Good for you. Make sure you eat enough that you aren't starving and then toss in the towel. I took my weight-loss journey one step at a up sugar first and eating my fill of other things...and then dropped the white flour stuff....and cut WAY back on my Diet Coke...that was always my "go to" treat for myself. At that point is when I started to drink my coffee black. I am at the point where I have been beating myself up for not being on a good food plan. You have encouraged me here to get back at it!
    Much love to you. I hope you have a great week...and keep at it! xo Diana

  3. Just passing by to drop a warm Hello sister. Though hard, it's inspiring that you always try to be healthy and acting on it is the best no matter how hard! May the Lord strengthen you always. Since July, I tried the DASH diet not only to help lowering mine and my family's blood pressure but also seems to be the most realistic diet out there. Like the Mediterranean diet, its focusing more on eating lots of fruits and veggies, moderate protein, and allows little sweets. It does take preparation sometimes but now that I'm not working (so grateful for that) gives me something worthwhile to do. Best of all, nothing seemed to have changed as we had been eating lesser salt long time ago anyway and thank God there are lots of tasty recipes. As for water, I've been good with drinking lots but few months back, I started numbering my 20 0z. bottle and strive for 3-4 that amount so at least I won't forget to hydrate myself daily. Blessings and prayers sister. Take care and always be strong with the power the good Lord gives.

  4. For the most part, I drink only water... except maybe a coffee a day and or a diet limeade with cranberry from Sonic :) haha.