Monday, November 15, 2010

Old King Cole

You know how your kids can just make you SO PROUD you feel like all the buttons on your shirt are going to pop off any minute???  Well that's how this mama is feeling today!  A week or so ago Cole and Alex were each nominated as King and Queen Candidates for the Eldon FFA Barnwarming.  You remember Eldon FFA???  THE NATIONAL CHAMPION PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE ELDON FFA???  Well every fall they have a big dance or "Barnwarming."   The freshman and sophomore classes each pick one boy and one girl to represent them as a King or Queen Candidate for Barnwarming.  The junior and senior classes each pick two boys and two girls to represent them as a King or Queen Candidate.  This past Saturday evening was the night of the big dance.  And when the votes were tallied Cole was selected as Barnwarming King!!!!!.  The Queen was Kelsi Mueller.  Here's a picture of the King and Queen! 

Now for those of you with a sharp eye, you will remember that this is the same pair that were selected as Eldon's Homecoming King and Queen. And while it would have been awesome for Alex to win . . . at Eldon's Barnwarming it is nearly always the seniors who win. Hopefully Alex will have another chance to be Queen her senior year.


And here's the "Barnwarming Court."  Yep, that's Alex, second from the right on the front row.  Ain't she purty???

Just in case you're wondering, Cole has been declared King of everything at Eldon High School he can be "King" of!  He can't even be nominated for King again and I think that is great.  Spreading the "kingship" around is a GOOD THING!!

So thanks for letting this proud mama brag.  I promise not to brag again  . . . for awhile!!!


  1. You have one fine handsome young man there and one gorgeous daughter. You go ahead a brag have a lot to be proud of.


  2. You go right ahead! We all understand and can appreciate these special moments.

  3. Ahhh...I bet you are a proud Momma! Congrats to both of them. And you have some GREAT looking kids there...but you already knew that!

    Have a great day,

  4. You have every right to brag and be a proud Mom! Heck, I'm thrilled for you and Cole.
    And Alex is beuatiful! Let's hope next year is the Queen Alex year!

  5. You should be proud! What nice looking children-I bet it feels good to know you've raised them right, too...savor these moments with them.

  6. If mama can't brag a little, then who can????
    You obviously have kind, sweet, amazing kids, and everyone else thinks so too!!

    Congratulations again!!!!

    P.s. our Lynden kids took second at FFA... I wonder if they met each other????