Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's For Dinner??

As you all surely know by now, I live on a farm.  On our farm we raise cattle.  For you city slickers, beef comes from cattle.  So, we eat a lot of beef at our house.  We love beef.  We grill it.  We fry it.  Beef, it's what's for dinner.  Sorry, I stole that line from the Beef Industry Council.  Don't you just love Sam Elliott?  That voice that does the "Beef, It's What's For Dinner" commercials.  Wow.  And if you haven't seen him play Tell Sackett in the Louis L'Amour book-turned-movie well, you're missing out. 

Wait a minute?  How did I get from living on a farm to Tell Sackett???

Anyway, back to dinner tonight.  Every morning I get up, get ready, and head out the door to drive 30 minutes to work.  Some mornings I take just a couple extra minutes to think about what we're going to have for dinner that night.  Some mornings I don't, and those are the nights we have bacon and eggs for breakfast. Not that I'm knocking having bacon and eggs for breakfast, it's delicious!  But again, back to dinner tonight. 

This morning was one of those "good" mornings where I went to the freezer, took out a chuck roast, and put it in the crock pot.  I know some people brown their roasts before they cook them and that's O.K.  Unfortunately, it's hard to "brown" a frozen roast.  Plus, it's just another pan I have to wash.  And just in case you need reassurance, IT IS ABSOLUTELY O.K. TO COOK A FROZEN ROAST.  I do it all the time.

This is a chuck roast. 

I put the roast in my slow cooker on high.  I poured a 32 oz box of Great Value Beef Broth over it.  I sprinkled Lawry's Seasoning Salt over that.  Come to mention it, I sprinkle Lawryr's Seasoning Salt on everything.  (And just as a side comment, I use "Great Value" beef broth and think it tastes great.  I have used the more expensive brand and can't tell any difference.  However, I have tried cheaper brands of "seasoning salt" and find that they don't have the same flavor as the Lawry's.  So, I save money with the Great Value Beef Broth, and spend a little more to get the Lawry's, but that's just me).  We think Lawry's makes everything taste better.  Then I took a small onion, sliced it, and placed some of the rings on top of the roast, and some of the rings down in the broth.   Then I remembered I couldn't stand around all day cooking, I had to work today, so I put the lid on and jumped into the shower. 

About an hour later, just before I walked out the door on my way to work, I switched the slow cooker to "low."  You can't believe how wonderful my house smelled with the roast just cooking a little over an hour.  And tonight, when I get home, my house will smell even better.  And I will be so glad that I took just a few minutes to plan for dinner tonight.  My family will be glad too.  They get tired of bacon and eggs.

The roast will be tender and juicy, having slow cooked all day long, soaking up that delicious beef broth and the onion flavor.  I didn't add potatoes and carrots to the roast this morning, although sometimes I do.  Tonight I think we will have green beans and a salad with our roast.  That's what's for dinner at my house.  What are you having?


  1. The more posts I read of yours the more I think we are alike! I cook frozen roasts all the time too. I too, buy Great Value Broth and will only buy Lawry's seasoning. LOL! Sounds yummy and I wish that is what I had cooking for dinner tonight. Oh, and Sam Elliott is dreamy!


  2. I love Beef! But I've never been a roast fan. My husband is trying to break me... but I think roast and yuck! Bring on the steaks and hamburger :)

  3. That sounds good! And less hassle of cleaning up! I love chuck roast too stewing with tomatoes for many hours. And ladling it over cooked orzo. Blessings.

  4. Funny you mention Sam Elliott, last night was was in the kitchen and I heard him doing a commerical. I said to the hubby, "what is he seliing? I AM Buying it?"

    Unfortunatly it was a new Crysler :(

    tonight we are having Cabbage soup.

  5. My mouth is watering! Sounds very yummy!
    And I want to say thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my dad! :)

  6. Oh, yum! That was a great looking piece of meat, too!

  7. Hi Girlfriend...
    I just did that Monday morning and man was I glad when I got off work and remembered what was for supper! YIPPEE! I'll try the box of beef broth...great idea!

  8. Sounds like you had a good dinner. I love roast and I love beef. Also pork, chicken....oh heck, I like to eat about anything! We had country ham, fried potatoes and a big salad for dinner tonight.
    I like to use Lawry's on everything, too. And I agree that Sam Elliott is okay, too! :D

    Have a good day,

  9. Hi there, thanks for your visit. I cook my roast from frozen too..or should I say, the angels cook them every Sunday as we are at church! LOL
    I put mine in a roasting pan, sprinkle dried onion soup mix over it, add a can of cream of mushroom soup and some water..throw in some carrots and potatoes and as we walk in the house from church, it all smells so good, and every Sunday I say; "smells like the angels cooked our dinner again!" ;D

  10. Sounds great. I roasted chicken thighs in the oven, sprinkled with seasoning and paprika.

  11. We eat more beef than any other meat at our house. Ever since I began cooking in enamel, the crock pot has been seldom used. I love browning the meat, onions and garlic then adding root vegetables and the lid then shoving the whole thing in the oven to cook on low most of the day. It's the best way to have a complete meal ready when we're ready to eat.

  12. I love how you describe things - going from one subject to another and then back to where you started!

    This sounds delicious. Just think how much better it would be if Sam Elliott shared it with you :D

  13. I am a new visitor to your blog. Your recipe sounds good! I will try it. I'm always looking for new crockpot dishes. I'll definitely be following!

    God bless!