Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Decisions Decisions

Cole and I spent the entire evening working on college scholarship applications.  How exhausting.  Trying to make yourself sound like you deserve a scholarship, without sounding like you are bragging, is tough!

Cole has the option to use his A+ Schools eligibility, and he can attend a community college in Missouri with his tuition paid in full.  We would have to pay room and board and books.  However, there is a community college about 20 minutes from our house.  So if he chooses that route, which right now seems to be his first choice, he can live at home and go to college for free for one year, then transfer to a four-year school to finish his bachelor's degree.  Cole took a lot of dual credit classes his junior and senior years, so he will graduate with 30 hours of college credit and will be able to finish his Associate's Degree in one year, saving his grateful parents THOUSANDS of dollars, and saving himself one year of college.

Cole is also applying for a scholarship to another University in our area.  This particular University actually offers several scholarships for which Cole is eligible.  So he will apply and then see what happens.  Some of the scholarships are good enough that he would forego his A+ eligibility and attend directly out of high school.

Where Cole will attend college is such a big, life-altering decision.  So many things to think about.  Many of Cole's classmates are headed off to Mizzou -- the University of Missouri-Columbia.   Mizzou is a great school.  But it is also a HUGE school compared to Cole's senior class if 147.  And it is an EXPENSIVE school.  All of the brochures he has received from Mizzou estimated in-state tuition and room and board at $23,000 per year.  Yes, I said TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR!!!  

This mama is VERY thankful that her son is happy to live at home another year and go to community college for FREE!

I would ask for your prayers as Cole enters this exciting time in his life.  Above all else we want God's will in where he will go to college, and what degree he will pursue.  And of course, scholarships would be good too.  Very, very good.

And pray for me, because the thought of him graduating from high school in May is enough to make me cry right now.  Of course we are proud of his accomplishments.  But, for those of you who have children who have graduated, you KNOW what I mean.  And if your children are still young, well, one day you will understand all of the emotions involved in watching your baby grow up.

Thanks to each of you for your prayers.  They mean so very much!  I just love my blogging buddies!!  And please know that I pray for each of you too!



  1. This is such a huge decision...been there, done that!! My daughter chose to go to a private Christian school in Seattle. With her scolarship it was only 5000 more than going to a public university. She wanted the Christian atmosphere, small school, etc and truly loved it. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do after her freshman year, decided to move home and go to the local university, which she could drive to. It saved a LOT of money, but she hated it! Not living on campus, not making connections with anyone, but mostly missing what she had! So the next year she went back. She's up to $40,000 in loans, has decided on a different track ( she now wants to be a minister) and is taking her senior year off to apprentice at a church...not paid! Her student loans come due next month if she doesn't get back in school and she's feeling very overwhelmed! Not to mention that she has no money, our name is on some of the loans and there is a lot of frustration going on!!!!!
    I highly encourage your son to go to school nearby...for free!!! unless he gets lots of scholarships!!! You want your kids to have that "college" experience, but I just don't think it's worth it! All you really need is that diploma! Most people don't work at a job using their degree unless it's a highly skilled profession, but everyone wants you to have a degree!
    In WA kids can go to comm. college starting their jr. year , for free, and graduate from HS and college with an AA at the same time. My kids attended the local christian school and my daughter didn't want to transfer to the public school in order to do this. Now she wishes she had! Saves a lot of time and money!!!
    My son was going to do this and transferred to the public school this year, but decided hed didn't want to miss out on HS by going to college now...bummer!!!! Instead he's taking AP classes to get duo credit, but it won't be nearly as much as he could get. I'm hoping he'll take some classes at the comm. coll. next year.

    Sorry this is so long...just some thoughts from someone who's been there!!!
    Good luck!!


  2. Oh how you tug at my heart!!! I have had to go through this 3 times ( 1 more to go) and it is pure agony! HA! I'm a crier and don't handle it very well. When my oldest (son) left to college, I ached and literally cried for days. I completely understand and will pray for you as the spring approaches. All the "This is the last time he will...." I truly get it! :0)

  3. My boys are grown and so I do understand what you are feeling. I will pray for you both. Cole has been a wonderful student and good example for other teens to follow, I hope he's able to get the scholarships needed to attend where ever he wants to.

  4. I was right there about two years ago. It is a big, busy, emotional time. Hang in there. You will be amazed, in the end, at how faithful God is. My son didn't get to do exactly what he thought he wanted to do, but he is so happy now and I know God worked all things out for good.

    Enjoy this time with your son. Indeed it does go by fast. My daughter, my youngest, is a junior in h.s. now and we're gearing up for the college stuff too. I'm dreading going through it with my last one. But I know God will be faithful.

    Bless you sweet mama!

  5. Sending prayers for you and Cole. Bless him for earning so much college credit - in high school, no less!! You must be very proud, and you should be! Also, I had noooo idea that MU was so darned expensive - wow, truly awful. Hugs for you too. Our one and only (son) went to our local community college for a short time, married (sadly, also for a short time), and moved to Texas for two years. I think I cried most of those two years he was gone!! Very traumatic time for a mama to be separated from her "babies" - and yes, they will always be our babies no matter what their age. Prayers and hugs!! -Tammy

  6. MY first went to University at Buffalo. VEY BIG after a graduating class of 40 or less...yes, we're that small! He kind of got lost, failed some classes for not getting help and pacing himself. But he was in the big world and it was what he wanted.
    #2 is in college about 45 minutes away. Another SUNY (state university of NY) school, so tuition is not horrible, and she had worked her butt off to get some decent scholarships. Doing good so far on grades. Can come home any weekend she wants, and she does frequently. Likes her roommate which is a BIG plus.
    Neither wanted to take advantage of the CC for free and I respected that. THey felt it was the 13th year of HS. get an idea of where you will transfer and work with that school, too. my son's friend had a LOT of stuff that didn't transfer from the CC except as elective credit. My daughter opted out of another English class in HS for college credit when she found out she wouldn't get English credit, only elective credit. Don't want to waste that year of school.
    Good Luck...I'm also a crier and spent last year with tears on my cheek and soggy tissues everywhere...but they won State championship in girls basketball, so what a way to go!! Prayers help..

  7. Ohhh....I feel for you, I have four and a half years to prepare!!Mary Jahn