Monday, January 17, 2011

Taco Soup Recipe

One of my family's favorite meals is Taco Soup.  This is truly comfort food to the max.  It is very easy to make.  One of those throw-it-in-the-crockpot-and-forget-it kind of meals that you will look FORWARD to coming home to.  And your family will look forward to eating.  Here's what you need:

2 pounds ground beef
1 package taco seasoning mix (or 3 T homemade mix)
1 16 oz can dark red kidney beans
1 16 oz can light red kidney beans
1 can cream style corn
1 can whole kernel corn
1 24 oz can crushed tomatoes
1 envelope ranch-style dressing mix

The instructions - well, it's pretty simple.  Brown your ground beef, then put it, and the other ingredients in your crock pot and stir it well.  You can let this cook all day on low, and when you get home, it's perfect.  I serve this in bowls over tortilla chips with cheddar cheese sprinkled over the top.  Of course, this works perfectly well on the stove top too.  But the longer this soup cooks, the better it tastes.  It is also great warmed up the next day.

And this recipe is very flexible.  If you are serving a big crowd, add a couple more cans of beans, or corn. I haven't made chili in a long time.  My family much prefers taco soup.  So, if you're looking for a great wintertime supper, this is it.  Your family will love it!!!


  1. You are right--a very adjustable recipe!

  2. I have never made taco soup, but Saturday I made this tortilla soup and we loved it!

    Have a great week, hope we stay slick-free!

  3. Yumm, I've never put Ranch-style dressing in it before. Will have to try that.

  4. Oh, YUM...I would not have thought of the creamed corn and the ranch dressing mix. Sounds very yummy :)


  5. This sounds so good...thanks for the recipe! I've never made taco soup, but I know I will now. Take care.