Thursday, January 27, 2011


"We're havin' a heatwave, a tropical heatwave!"  If you grew up watching Archie Bunker you can just hear Edith singing, and I use the word "singing" very loosely, those words.  But that's what's coming here to Down On The Farm.  We had a big snow last week, and most of that snow is still on the ground or pushed into piles.  But today we are expecting temperatures in the 40s and tomorrow, they are saying it will be over 50 degrees!!!  Wow!  My car is whispering to me "wash me,"  "WASH me,"  "WASH ME!"

By the end of January I'm pretty tired of winter, and we still have quite a bit of winter to go around these parts.  So here's hoping you will get a little break in winter just like we are.  Hard to believe that January is almost over.


  1. Ah yes, I will enjoy this heatwave. Even just a few miles south of us, you are going to be a lot warmer than us! I'm excited we'll be in the mid-upper 30's today! and 40 tomorrow.. woo hoo! I'll be joining you at the car wash :) Also will be a good time to clean the chicken coop. How fun.. lol!
    Enjoy! -Tammy

  2. I'll be right back, time to sun on the deck! Yippee.

  3. Oh ~yes I am so ready for that nice weather tomorrow. They are already calling for more snow Monday ~but I will soak up at the sunshine tomorrow.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Love these warmer temps! Makes me want to wash my car, too. But then the highways are still so wet from the melt offs that I'd probably be wasting my time. Not to be a downer, but snow is forecast for Monday so we better enjoy this nicer weather while we can! Take care.