Thursday, July 15, 2010

Front Porch Update

A few weeks ago I told you I am sprucing up my front porch.  As I said then, I really haven't done much to our front porch.  This is a swing that I have had for years.

Looks pretty blah, huh?  Well, a few weeks ago I got inspired, and I found these red pillows at Wal-Mart.
I think they are a definite improvement. 

But still, I felt there was something missing.  That the swing needed something more.
I looked online and found a beautiful cushion at 
Then the bargain hunter in me took over and I went to EBAY.
I found the exact same cushion at a lower price plus, I got FREE SHIPPING!

And just LOOK at the difference the cushion makes on my front porch!

I think the difference is amazing!!  And while it is certainly WAY too hot to sit out
on this front porch tonight, I know that when fall comes I will be out there
enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate, with marshmallows, on my beautiful front porch! 

I wish each one of you could join me.  Wouldn't that be fun?


  1. Love it!!! You will so enjoy it out there.

    I just took pictures this week of my "before" patio and am also in progress of adding some flair. Finally found the cushions I was wanting a couple of days ago. Will post later.

    Have a great day.

  2. It looks great! I can't wait for my hubby to build me a swing. We have a place in our carport for a swing that looks at the backyard. I can't wait to be out there in the fall with a cup of coffee:) Love fall. One of my favorite times of the year.

  3. Holding down porch furniture is one of the things I do best; be glad to help you out -smile-.

  4. Your swing looks so great! Don't you just love ebay? I wanted a pattern for a baby layette set that I saw on one of the blogs I follow. It was a vintage pattern...and I was able to get it on ebay for $1.04! I was so excited! The pattern calls for some embroidery...perhaps I could bring it over and swing with you on the swing while I work on it?
    Just a thought...

  5. Love the cushion!!!

  6. Good shopping! Looks just grand. I love porch swings!

  7. I love the red and black; very stunning. Hopefully things will cool down soon so that you can enjoy it.

  8. So cute~

    I would just love to sit for a visit. Maybe when it cools down a bit though.
    Gotta love Missouri in July. tehe

    Have a great weekend!

  9. It looks great! Comfy too, great place to curl up and swing a bit with a book and some sweet tea! Too hot today though :)