Thursday, July 8, 2010

Graham Family Geneology In Pictures

I am blessed beyond description in so many areas of my life.  And I thank God for all of His blessings.  But mostly, I thank Him for my family.  Speaking of family, tonight is the 27th anniversary of my first date with my husband.  How about that (love ya hunny)!!!  But, I digress.  Back to my family. 

Here is a picture of me with my mom and dad.  This was taken a couple of weeks ago when we attended the Graham family reunion in Las Vegas.  I am the one in the middle.  (I say that because my mom looks so young!!!)

Here is a picture of my dad and his mom, my Grandma Nellie.  She's 96.  How about that beautiful skin?
I sure hope her genes are coursing through my veins 'cause she is the youngest looking 96 year old woman I have ever seen in my life!  Love you Grandma!!

Now here is a picture of my Grandma Nellie's parents, my Great-grandparents, Ed and Myrtle Graham.  I remember both of them.  Grandpa Ed died when I was 12, and Grandma Myrtle died my junior year of high school.  Grandpa Ed was born August 1, 1889.  Very few people can even tell you the names of their great grandparents, yet alone have lots of memories of them.  Told you I was blessed.

Here's where it gets very interesting. Below is a picture of my Great-Grandpa Ed's parents, Alec and Mary Graham, my Great-Great Grandparents.   This picture was taken in 1899, and my Great-Grandpa Ed is the little boy in the middle of the back row.  Looks pretty serious for a 10 year old boy doesn't he?  My Great-Great Grandpa Alec Graham was born in Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland on December 7, 1856.  He came to America on a ship with his parents from Scotland sometime before 1859, because his little brother was born in Missouri in 1859. 

Now I'm gonna really blow your mind, because this picture is of my Great-Great-Great Grandparents, Alexander and Gean Graham, Alec's parents.  Alexander was born in Scotland on October 22, 1826, and Gean was born May 15, 1826 in Glasgow, Scotland.  Sometime between 1856 and 1859 these two people sat around their kitchen table and decided to leave Scotland and get on a ship and come to America. Now we're not talking Royal Caribbean here, complete with a midnight buffet, spa and GPS, but a wooden ship with a captain, a map and a sexton.  I cannot imagine the courage it must have taken to do this. We know their ship landed somewhere on the coast of Nova Scotia.  How they got to Miller County, Missouri, or why, we don't know.  But they came here and they stayed and raised their family here.

So, from these two people came the Graham Family as I know it.  My Grandma Nellie is one of eleven children, three are still living.  My Great-Grandparents, Ed and Myrtle Graham, had thirty-five grandchildren, my dad's generation.  All of them are still living, and 24 of them attended the family reunion in Las Vegas.  I know all but one of those 35 grandchildren (hard to believe isn't it).  My Aunt Rayma Jean is #1, the oldest grandchild, my Aunt Ruby Dean is #3, and my dad is #6.  There are 65 Great-Grandchildren, which is my generation.  I am #8, and my sister Rhonda is #12, my sister Renda, #20.  The oldest great-grandchild is 53, the youngest, 11.   That I know of, no one has put together a listing of Great-Great grandchildren yet, which would be my children's generation, but my cousin, Mitchell, continually updates our family geneology.  I wish Alexander and Gean could see our family today.  And my Great-Grandpa Ed's branch of the family tree is just a small part.  Alexander and Gean had nine children.  And Alec and Mary had five children.  Gives new meaning to the words of the song "All Because Two People Fell In Love" doesn't it.  Isn't family wonderful??  I sure do love mine!!!!! 


  1. THats's the strongest family tree I have ever seen!! Sp neat
    does mitchell have brothers, Kerry and Dennis? Is so I went to high school with them.

  2. wow, that's awesome! I was lucky enough to meet my great grandparents on my dad's side. My great grandpa died when I was in high school at the age of 10 shy of 108, my great grandmother died when I was in college at 101. Crazyiness. Can you even imagine what they saw in their lifetime?

  3. Such a wonderful story and history of our awesome family. Thank you for doing this. I will print it out and show it to my brothers and Dad.

    - Jason Graham

  4. What a neat family history, and those pictures are truly priceless! -Tammy

  5. I love that you have all that history intact. Yes, your Mom and Grandmom look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful legacy.

  6. I absolutely LOVE family history!

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I absolutely LOVE family history!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Robbin, I love your family history posts and the rest of your blog! I'll be sure to come back often. :) Pam Lepper

  9. I love old family photos! How cool! Great post and awesome research.

  10. I am so impressed with all you know about your past family history. When I was growing up, I would ask my dad,"Where did we come from?" and he would only say "You're American and very lucky" so I don't know my history. I am happy that you do! It's a great blessing.

  11. This is absolutely wonderful! To have photos all that way back! And to have family *still* living who are able to tell so much! Wow! that's some family tree/family reunion/family history.
    See.....we Scots are made of good stuff!
    Lanark isn't near me - at least by Scottish standards, though by American standards, it'd be close - Scotland being so small and the US soooo big!
    It was normal though for most Scots to go to Canada (English too I guess), because Canada 'belonged' to us. But - like your forefathers - many of them crossed the border.
    This is such a fascinating story, and you really are blessed to be able to go so far back in your family's history.
    Oh - you're pretty blessed to have such young looking genes in your family too....these are amazingly young-looking women in these photos!
    Great stuff,
    Love, Anne x