Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Niece and a Nephew

This is my nephew, Cade, and my niece, Caragan.  Cade is seven years old, and Caragan is eleven.  Wow!  I remember when they were born.  As a matter of fact, I was THERE when they were born.  You know, "there" as in "I was in the delivery room!"    It was so amazing.  I actually got to cut Caragan's umbilical cord.  Unbelievable.  My brother-in-law was in the room, of course, but he was so sick with a horrible sinus infection, they let me do the honors and believe me it was my honor.  Darn brother-in-law was well when Cade was born so I didn't get to cut that umbilical cord, but I was still there!!

I have been blogging a lot lately about my family, and how much they mean to me.  Well these two young'uns are no exception.  Cade is handsome and Caragan is beautiful.  And you should know that Caragan got her hair cut last week.  She just went in for a little trim, but wound up letting them cut ten inches off of her hair so she could donate it to Locks Of Love.  What a little sweetheart.  I am so proud.

So, thanks for letting me brag on my precious niece and nephew.  I love them so very much!


  1. Good Morning!
    Don't apologize for bragging...they are precious!
    Don't you just love family...such a special gift from God.

  2. That's excellent, I've donated hair before too. Her hair must have been LONG if it was still that length after 11"!!

  3. I'd be bragging too, those are two great kids. Family is what life is all about. It's a great feeling to be so happy about family!

  4. Hello Friend~
    Are you saying cool??
    You have reason to be proud~they are adorable.
    Enjoy your day~

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