Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vintage Pyrex Refrigerator Bowls

I love old things.  Something about an item that has been around for awhile gets to me.  So many things they make now are not made to last.  Everything is disposable.  Things are made to be used and then cast aside. 

Well, these beauties were NOT made to be disposable.  They were made in a time when everything was made to be used and used and then handed down to someone else.  Aren't they cute???

My sweet sister bought these for me at a garage sale and I absolutely LOVE THEM!!  Thank you sis for thinking of me.  I will think of YOU everytime I use these :)!!!  In doing a little research on these, I learned that they are called Pyrex refrigerator bowls.  These bowls are "BT,"  you know, "before Tupperware." 

Sometimes "new and improved" isn't better.  It's just new.  And as I look at these refrigerator bowls I wonder about the person who bought them originally.   Who was she? I wonder what she put in them? So now I'm on the lookout for more vintage Pyrex!


  1. Great BT refrigerator bowls. So little wear on the blue paint. Great gift from sister.

  2. I had one of those very small ones years ago. I don't remember what ever happened to it.
    Thanks for jogging the memory.

  3. Wow! Those are gorgeous! I love old things like that too--especially old things for the kitchen. Fun!

  4. I grew up with these Pyrex bowls. My Mom still has all of hers. I bought a set of 2 different sizes on e-Bay in May. I have 2 red ones, a blue one and the largest is yellow. They are great and I like them so much better than plastic.

  5. My grandma has those but I think the color is gold!

  6. I love the blue. I wonder if they are ok to use in the micro?

  7. I love these...so cute! What a great gift from your sister!

    Stay cool!


  8. OH I LOVE those and I use them. I get them when ever I can at estate sales and things like that. I just got tired of hearing about recalls for unsafe kitchen items all the time. This thing was made with some horrid unsafe chemical or that one.

    I just started buying the old stuff - who knew I was competing with collectors and it would be so expensive???? But at least its safe!


  9. I saw round pyrex mixing bowls in New Braunfels antique store big $$$...hope you've had a good day! mary