Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Alex's volleyball team won first place Saturday in the Waynesville tournament. They played great and were so excited! What a way to finish the season!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Outdoor Wood Furnace

Over the last few years, the cost of propane has skyrocketed. Not only do we heat our turkey barns with propane, we heat our house. So, this year, we have decided to install a Hardy Outdoor Wood Furnace. Basically, the stove burns wood and heats water to 170 degrees. This water is then circulated through underground water lines (hence the ditch through our yard) into a radiator type coil in our duct work. So, when our house cools down, instead of our furnace kicking on and burning propane, the thermostat will trigger the draft on the stove to open up, causing the fire to burn hotter and the water to get hotter and then the furnace fan kicks on blowing air over the radiator which warms up the air and blows it into our house through the furnace vents. Make sense????? A side benefit of this furnace is the hot water. Nobody in the Griffith family will EVER take a cold shower again because the hot water from the furnace circulates through the hot water heater! Hooray!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sunday, October 12, was our 23rd wedding anniversary. I honestly can't believe we have been married that long. In some ways it seems like its flown by, but in other ways, I honestly have so few memories that don't include Billy Paul, it's like we've been together my entire life, well, it has been more than HALF my life!!! We celebrated by taking the kids with us to dinner at Baxter's at the Lake. We had a terrific time. I have MUCH to be thankful for. Oh, and I thought you might enjoy this picture of Billy Paul and I taken sometime in the summer of 1984 or 1985. Yep, that's us!! Love you Billy Paul -- here's to the NEXT 23 years together, and the NEXT and the NEXT and the NEXT!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Flo

On Saturday, October 11, my Grandma, Flossie Ellen Hall, turned 95. My Aunt Kathy hosted a birthday lunch in Grandma's honor (thank you Aunt Kathy)! As usual, there was LOTS of yummy food as my aunts are fabulous cooks. My Grandma is such an amazing woman. Raising 8 kids and taking care of my Grandpa was a full-time job but she did it, all while making the BEST CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS you ever put in your mouth and growing the biggest garden west of the Mississippi. I have such wonderful memories of Grandma's house when I was a kid, huge family dinners, a big cedar Christmas tree in the corner with those big fat Christmas multi-color bulbs and a present for each person under the tree. Thank you Lord for my grandma, she is truly a blessing to our family. I Love You Grandma!!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Turkey Trot 5K

This morning I participated in my FIRST EVER 5K. Since June, I have been walking three miles every morning with my sister-in-law, Krista, and Dr. Jerry King. I love walking and have so much more ENERGY!!! This morning at 7:30 a.m. we started our first 5K and Krista and I took SECOND PLACE in our age division with a time of 40:02!!!!! Hooray!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Alex's 7th grade volleyball team is on a winning streak. They won both their matches at the Mexico tournament Wednesday night, and were victorious Thursday night against the Osage Lady Indians. Way to go girls!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Apple Festival

Last Saturday was the Versailles Apple Festival. My mother-in-law had a booth selling her gorgeous flower arrangements and my sister-in-law, Krista, and I helped her that day. Of course, Billy Paul was there early in the morning and helped set everything up, then left the "sales" to the girls. It was a GORGEOUS day, lots of festival food and music.

Lady 'Stangs Volleyball

Alex is now playing on the 7th grade volleyball team. In fact, she's a starter on the "A" team and is the starting server. Volleyball has changed a LOT since I was in school. So far Alex's team hasn't won a game, but they are playing better and better each week. Go Lady 'Stangs!!