Monday, January 9, 2012

Cast On!!!!

The phrase "cast on" meant nothing to me until last week.  To me, "casting" is something you do with a rod and reel when you are fishing.  And while that's true, "cast on" has now taken on a new meaning to me.  I am learning to knit.

Yes, it's true.  In my vast spare time (yah, right), I have taken on a hobby ~~ knitting ~~ and I must say I love it!  A wonderful friend helped me get started on Saturday, and on Sunday I finished my first scarf.  Here it is!  Ta Da!!!!!

For those of you non-knitters out there, "cast on" is what you do when you start your first row of stitches.  I can tell you that knitting is not difficult at all, and the scarf actually went very quickly.  I am now working on knitting a cotton dishcloth, and hope to start a scarf for my mom soon.  The dishcloth is going much slower than my scarf, as there are lots of tiny stitches but, again, it is not difficult and I will love wiping off my kitchen counter with MY VERY OWN DISHCLOTH!

I like doing things that give me a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of "I made that."  I know that's one reason why I enjoy canning so much.  I love looking at all the jars and knowing that I accomplished something. Jars of apple butter and peach jam just seem to look prettier and taste better when I know I made them.

I will keep you posted (no pun intended) on my knitting endeavor.  I think it is very relaxing, and a much better way to spend my time than in front of the television.  And if any of you out there are knitters, I would love it if you would share your knitting projects and helpful hints with me!  I'm just getting started, so I'm sticking to scarves and dishclothes for now.  But eventually, I would love to make some cute fingerless mittens, caps, and a pair of nice warm socks!

So if you've ever thought about knitting, I would encourage you to pick up some knitting needles, get some yarn, and CAST ON!!!!   It is a great hobby!!!!


  1. Cast on? I thought there was another broken bone at your place! No thanks, I'm a lefty I never could quite get the hang of knitting or crocheting.
    Wonder if we did pass each other Saturday. We ate at Subway in Eldon?!?!
    Have you heard any rumors that good and plenty gifts is moving to Eldon?

  2. I thought *everyone* knew how to knit! Maybe it's a Scottish thing :)

  3. I have never learned but think I need to,

    Your scarf is beautiful~ nice work!

  4. Ohhhh Robbin,
    How I do wish I lived closer to you! I'm a new novice knitter!We could sit and have us learn together! Rodney's aunt is a PROFESSIONAL knitter and is slowly teaching me! Slowly is the key word. I love to knit and I can knit straight for MILES! HA! I think it is so relaxing. So, I can make scarves too! She has me some precious soft white yarn to help me knit my granddaughter to be a beanie! I don't turn corner well! So this will be interesting. Can't wait to see more of your efforts!

  5. Good for you! You did a great job. I used to crochet, but haven't in years.

  6. I'm getting back into knitting and I love doing it with my friends. A circular and an easy hat pattern will give you a bit of a change. I made everyone fingerless mitts last year for Christmas and nothing this year, so maybe next year its another homemade Christmas...those are the best. I used a couple of different patterns that you knit a rectangle with some adjustments and then seam it together, leaving a hole for the thumb.
    Good luck and keep stitchin'

    I'd love to open a little shop someday with a big, comfy space to sit and knit or crochet or stitch...

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