Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keep Calm

You might have noticed over on the left side of my blog it says "Keep Calm and Cast On" referring to my new knitting habit, I mean hobby.  Last week in a post I used a picture that said "Keep Calm There Will Be a Snow Day Soon."  If you look over the internet, there are loads and loads of "Keep Calm" sayings out there.  But do you ever feel like keeping calm is difficult? 

Most days, I don't feel like my life is very calm.  I get up every morning in a mad rush to get ready, drive 30 minutes to work, work all day, drive 30 minutes home.  Then fix supper, do laundry, clean house, clean up after supper, try to spend time with my husband and kids and hear all about their day.  Lots of nights we have a ballgame, or church.  I'm always trying to remember birthdays of my friends and family and send out cards.  I also send out cards regularly to a couple of widowed great aunts of mine.  I do the grocery shopping and clothes shopping. I schedule hair cuts, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, etc.  I pay all the bills.  Take care of all the stuff for our income taxes.

 I mean really?  Does any of that sound calm to you?

It is so easy for us to get caught up in our daily lives.  Caught up in all the stuff that has to get done.  And sometimes I find myself so busy doing what I have to, that I forget sometimes to give God the time He deserves in my life.  The busier I get the less time I have to pray.  The more hectic things are, the less time I have to just sit and listen for His voice.  When really, what I need to remind myself is that the crazier my life is, the more I need Him.  The more I need His peace, His calmness.

True peace doesn't come from yoga or meditation.  It doesn't come from a bubble bath.  It doesn't come in a good night's sleep, or in "comfort food."  True peace comes from the Holy Spirit.  Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Comforter.  And in the midst of the chaos that life brings, we need His peace.

So today, I am praying for God to send me His peace, and to remind me to seek His face daily.  Because I need Him daily.  I need His peace.  Peace allows me to stand in the midst of the storm with a smile on my face and calmness in my heart, because I know that HE is in control.  And I know that He is with me.  Thank you Lord.


  1. Sending up prayers for you today.

    Life is hard but God is good.

    Sending you some peace and blessings!

  2. I kind of wanted to run some errands this weekend, but one kid has to be somewhere by 8am, picked up before noon, back halfway there again by 3 for a youth group sledding party and picked back up at 5 and all of this in the other direction from where I need to go. I keep reminding myself that in 4 or 5 years, I won't have such 'requirements' and I'll miss it. You've just gotta pray through it!! I've been looking for a notebook all week that is around here somewhere...I'm having kitchen renovations by the end of the month, tax season is crazy for us and 2 kids in high school and 2 in college. I am very blessed...crazy, but blessed!!

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