Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day!!!

Snow day today here in Central Missouri.  At least a snow day for school kids.  But no snow day for us workers.  We just leave the house early, drive slowly and carefully, and pray we make it to work safely.

It's pretty darn cold here too.  Sixteen degrees this morning, with wind chills around 5 degrees.  Yesterday it was 57 degrees.  Supposed to be back in the 40s on Saturday.

Yes, I live in Missouri.  Land of CRAZY WEATHER! 


  1. Oh your lucky kiddos! We got a small amount....not enough for a snow day! Rats! Last year we had 7 far this year we have had Spring like weather until last night. I'll still hope for a snow day soon!
    Have a careful safe day!

  2. We're on 2 hour delay tomorrow but if we get the 4 to 6 inches of snow some are expecting, there'll be no school.

  3. Lucky you! We're supposed to get some this weekend...haven't had a speck of snow yet! Hoping and praying for a little of the white stuff!
    Have fun and enjoy!

  4. Sorta feels like a snow day around here, too, but no precip!