Friday, April 3, 2009


I LOVE flowers in the spring time and these are just beautiful. Asparagus fern, sweet peas, light pink gerber daisies. They just make you think SPRING. And it has been so warm and beautiful here, my flower garden is just busting at the seams.

I went out to my beautiful flower garden and I picked all of these this morning before I came into work and brought them in and put them in this hanger on the front door of my office. I just wish you could SMELL the aroma of these fresh cut spring flowers. Ahhhhh, spring time in Missouri.

Seriously, will spring EVER arrive in Missouri? ? ? ? ? Yesterday it was cloudy all morning, and started raining around 2:30 pm and rained until last night. This morning, it was 32 degrees with a light frost on top of Billy Paul's pickup. Supposed to be pretty tomorrow, then rain again on Sunday with highs in the 40s on Monday and Tuesday. I don't have ANYTHING growing in my flower garden, well, actually, I don't HAVE a flower garden (had you goin' there for a minute didn't I!) BUT, if I DID have a flower garden NOTHING would be growing because it hasn't been warm enough. We haven't even mowed our yard yet and usually, by this time of year, we've mowed at least once just to take the weeds down.
I WANT SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, in case you're wondering about the flowers on the door, the flowers are silk, and I bought them at The Schaefer House ( one of my absolute favorite places. While I'm being honest, I must tell you that I didn't actually know the names of these flowers, but Chris at The Schaefer House did, and I remembered! And, one last revelation, I don't grow flowers, but I do grow vegetables if it ever gets warm enough and dry enough to plant anything!


  1. amen sista! i neeeeeeeed spring!

  2. yeah what's up with the cold weather? Its supposed to be 35 in Thibodaux tomorrow! I'm ready for summer and the beach.