Wednesday, January 29, 2020

End of an Era

Sometime in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 26th, our brooder barn (the barn where the baby turkeys are started) burned to the ground.

To put things in perspective, this barn is 50' wide and 440' long.

Since it was the middle of the night nobody was in the barn and we're thankful no one was injured.

We still have 3 turkey barns, the "grow out" barns, and they have turkeys in them.  Once those birds ship out the end of February, we will be out of the turkey business.  You can't raise turkeys without a brooder barn.

Due to their age, our turkey barns were not insured for replacement value, and the cost to rebuild is frankly a lot.  So by the time we would build a new brooder barn and then work all those years to pay for the new building, it's just not worth it to us.
Especially at our age!!!

This is truly the end of an era for us.

We've been raising turkeys for 22 years.

We knew the day would come when we didn't raise turkeys any longer because our barns are old and eventually they wear out.  But we thought the decision would be ours to make,  not made for us. 

But I know that the Lord has a plan and I trust Him.

Please pray for God's wisdom as my husband and I embark on a new phase of life.  We intend to focus on our beef cattle operation and hopefully do some traveling since we won't be tied to taking care of turkeys.

This is truly the end of an era for us.

But an era we're looking forward to


  1. Sorry to read about your unexpected loss. You are so right, God does have a plan. Trusting in Him will give you peace. Enjoy your new era, FlowerLady

    1. Thank you so much!!!! We are looking forward to NOT being tied down!!

  2. Oh Robbin, how sad and scary. If my following you is correct (no I’m not a stalker!) you all were in Nashville when it happened? I do hope it was birdless at the time. Was it lightening?

  3. I am so sorry to read this news! I know how I felt when the last of our beef cattle left this farm just a few years ago. Sad to see them go, but at the same time.. it did free us up a bit more. Sorry this decision was made for you, and my prayers are with you and your husband as you embark on some new adventures!

  4. Ohh.. this is really very sad. Beautiful pictures though!


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