Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Missouri In The Fall

It is fall here in Missouri.  The days are definitely cooler, the sky is bluer, the humidity is lower . . . no wonder fall is my FAVORITE time of year.

The only thing missing are colorful leaves and we don't have too many of those.  Here are some pictures taken around our farm this week.  You will notice there's not much color in "them thar hills!"

Just a HINT of color.  We haven't had frost yet at Down On The Farm.  Some folks a few miles away had frost a couple of weeks ago, but no frost here and we are THANKFUL.  Our fall green beans are just about ready to pick and a frost would have ruined them.

Wasn't it really cool for God to give us seasons?  I mean, really, I would have just done one season and said "it is good."  But not God.  He gives us exceedingly abundantly more.  He gave us warm beautiful spring with budding leaves and blossoming flowers.  He gave us hot summertime and trees with lots of green leaves and summer breezes.  He gave us awesome cool fall with stunning leaves and orange pumpkins.  And He gave us cold crisp wintertime with a beautiful blanket of snow to cover the brown earth.

God is so amazing.  Today I am so thankful for everything He has done.  Every good and perfect gift comes from above.  Thank you Father.


  1. We're starting to get a little color here in SW MO.

  2. Up here in Idaho, we're just starting to see the leaves change. It's soo pretty <3