Sunday, October 24, 2010


It was announced Friday evening in Indianapolis, Indiana that the Eldon FFA Parliamentary Procedure team is THE NATIONAL CHAMPION!!!!!!!   That's our son Cole, the second from the left!!! 

It was such an exciting time I hardly know where to begin.  Our team competed Thursday morning, one of over 40 state champion teams, and Puerto Rico.  Thursday evening it was announced that we had made it to the semi-finals, consisting of the top 12 teams.  Friday morning we competed against the other eleven teams.  It was announced at noon on Friday that we had made it to the FINAL FOUR!  These four teams, Missouri, Texas, Arizona and California, competed beginning at 1:00 on Friday afternoon.  We were the last team to demonstrate.  We were in the Indiana Convention Center and they competed before approximately 1,500 people. 

There was a banquet Friday evening for all of the parliamentary procedure teams.  Parents were not allowed to attend.  When the banquet was finished and the awards began, they opened the doors so we could come inside.  When it was announced that the team from Missouri had won we screamed, we cried, we jumped up and down.  It was absolutely INCREDIBLE.

The team consists of our son Cole, Peyton Atteberry, Kelsi Mueller, Arika Meyers, Abbey Thomas and Jill Blankenship.  These kids, and their advisor Mr. Matt Biddle, have practiced for countless hours.  They have worked for months and months to perfect their presentation and it definitely paid off.

The parents who went to Indiana this week had a prayer service Wednesday evening before the Thursday competition.  Thursday evening we again had prayer and all of the students were invited to join us.  I am proud to say that EACH student, and our advisor, joined us for prayer.  We asked God to bring all things to the remembrance of the team.  We asked for a calm and peaceful spirit to surround the students.  We prayed for boldness and confidence.  We asked for the favor of the judges and we asked for the students to do their absolute best.  And each time we prayed that above all else, God's will would be done, and we promised Him that we would THANK Him, no matter the outcome.

I am so very proud of each one of these kids, and of course we are extremely proud of Cole.  The caliber of the teams we competed against was outstanding.  Any of the other three Final Four teams was deserving of the championship, and we cried with the students who didn't win, and we congratulated them on their accomplishments.

Thanks to each one of you who prayed for Cole and his teammates.  It was very much appreciated.  Now I ask that you join me in praising God for His goodness.

I don't think it has quite sunk in, to me or to the team.  NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.  I remember how excited and proud we were when they won the State FFA competition.  This, this is beyond our wildest dreams.  So today I praise the Lord for blessing these young men and women.  Thanks again to each one of you for praying. May God bless you!!!


  1. Congratulations!!! So exciting!!! Our Lynden kids were there too...don't know how they finished, but my neighbor was one of them.
    What an exciting year for you and the kids!!!

  2. OMG that's so exciting! congrats to him and the whole team!

  3. SO VERY COOL! Congratulations to them all!

  4. Cale has just started in that this fall in 8th grade ag, he was/is the vice president, it is so cool, I am excited for you too!!

  5. How fun! You seem like have an awful nice life going on here...thanks so much for stopping by my blog! My cousin was in FFA, and Aaron tried to get in it at HS, but it was already filled up. Poo.

  6. Oh my!! My heart beats with excitement for your happiness! How absolutely fantastic. What an accomplishment of something so wholesome and good. Praise God for walking with these young people. I celebrate with you from afar! Yippee Yippee Yippee!!!!!!!

  7. Congrats, that is quite an accomplishment for the team. Go Eldon Go!

  8. Congrats!!!! How exciting.....