Thursday, July 27, 2017

Even When You Don't

The doctor called today. The final results of the test show cancer cells in the fluid. They are very sorry that they shared preliminary results that were incorrect.

Sunday afternoon  as I mowed the yard I prayed, asking God for no cancer in the fluid. In my heart He said  "if you don't get the news you want will you still trust Me?" I said yes Lord, I will trust You, even though I don't understand. I will still trust You.

And today I can say I trust Him, even though I don't understand.

I will appreciate your prayers. He is in control.


  1. You know I am praying, Robbin. I am so sorry and I am upset to think that the doctors gave you an ALL CLEAR before they had waited for full documentation. That is so frustrating. How is your mom handling the news? You are in my prayers. xo Diana

  2. It's a reminder how everything in this place is flawed. May you always be reminded of the God Who is perfect, doesn't change, always faithful, and Who alone offers that imperishable hope. May you always be strong with the power God gives. Your trust in God despite this difficult time always blesses my faith sister. Prayers continue. And prayers that your heart always sees, hears things through His eyes and ears.

  3. Hope in the Lord. As I read what you wrote, I became still before the Lord. His ways are not our ways. Do not fear. Wait on the Lord. He loves you. And He loves your mother. Hold fast to Him, and to what He tells you. I stand with you in faith and with prayer. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

  4. I know where are and it is so hard. But it is worth it to trust Jesus even when we can't see why things are happening around us.

  5. God is good. My Mum always said that .... and when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January this year, we still had to say: God is good. Job was able to say, 'If He slays me, I will still trust Him'. What grace! I'm so sorry you have the added anguish of having had a wrong result given first :/
    Praying for you .... it's not an easy road to travel
    Anne x

    1. For some reason my e-mails to you never go through Anne?? I've replied to a couple of comments but it always "bounces back" on my e-mail server?? Thank you for your prayers. They are appreciated so very much.