Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Are You Who You Say You Are??

This is the story of two very famous athletes.  Both men claim to be Christians.  But are they who they say they are???

Steph Curry's latest Instagram post is quoting Scripture thanking God for his wife . . . they celebrated their 6th anniversary just a few days ago.  This past weekend Steph attended a wedding and after the wedding things got a little crazy.  Today the headlines say:  "Steph Curry Crashes House Party, Chugs Bud Light."  And it's 2017, so there's video of Steph, star player for the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, chugging a Bud Light, and pictures of him with beer all over his shirt.

Tim Tebow's latest Instagram post is a video of a speech he gave, asking people if what they are fighting for in this life is worth it.  His video shows Tim at an event for special needs individuals, and at an orphanage.  No party crashing, no beer chugging, just a man trying to live his faith to the full.

So which man is truly living a life that brings glory and honor to God?  You can call yourself a Christian all day long and twice on Sundays.  But if your life doesn't line up with the Word of God, well, are you who you say you are?? 

Which of these men would you want praying for you?  Which of these men do you prefer as a role model for our children?

Really disappointed in you Steph Curry.  You talk the talk but you sure don't walk the walk.

Really proud of you Tim Tebow.  I'm certain you're not perfect, but it sure looks like you actually live the Christian life you talk about. We need more young men like you. 


  1. Oh- Just kind of sad, isn't it? It is really hard to walk that straight line sometimes and I often feel I fall short of doing that. I lose my temper over stupid things and get impatient waiting for things to happen....but at least I don't chug beer....lol....although I might if I could stand the taste....lol

    How is your mom doing? Drop me a line when you have the chance.

  2. This is one of those things that is a conundrum for me. We aren't supposed to judge but if a brother/sister influences us to do something not Christ like..... It's tough for everyone. WWJD?

    1. I appreciate your comment, Carla! But I don't think it is "judging" to call sin, sin. Jesus never backed down. He called out the Pharisees many times and He is our example. If I'm sinning I WANT SOMEONE TO CALL ME ON IT!!! The Bible tells us that if a brother or sister is sinning we are to confront them, and if they don't repent then we are to take others from the church with us and confront them. To me, that is not judging. I don't feel as if I'm judging Steph Curry. But I am calling him out on his actions cause I'm pretty certain Jesus wouldn't have crashed a party and chugged a Bud Light. Just my opinion.

  3. I have no answer for either of these men. I know the Bible and what it says. I know tax collectors were rescued by Jesus. I know He sat at a table with those who had condemnation about Him, because they said, "If He only knew what kind of a woman she is..." Fact is, HE DID KNOW. And He still knows today the heart of people. Jesus loved. All I know is...to be like Jesus and to have His mind... then the question..."what would Jesus do?" When we can do that, then we will see as He saw and do as He does. And I venture to say we would then, deliver that man that tripped as Jesus would do. All of us needs a Savior. Some days more than others. And perhaps we need to hold that man up in prayer? Perhaps the Lord watches to see what Christians will do? Hmm...I wonder. The Lord bless you!