Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Cards

After my last post, I'm sure you all think I'm a total SCROOGE.

I promise you I am not. 


I love Christmas music, and Christmas trees, and Christmas gifts and Christmas cookies!

I just wanted to remind everyone that it's not ABOUT the music, and the trees and the gifts and the cookies.  It's about Jesus!!!

However, lest you think I am not celebrating Christmas this year . . . feast your eyes on THESE:

Yep, I ordered my Christmas cards today!!  If you'll remember, the last two years I've received FREE Christmas cards from SHUTTERFLY.  And I've raved about them.

To tell you how much I loved their cards, this year I was NOT offered free Christmas cards.  But I ordered from Shutterfly anyway.  They are SO MUCH NICER than the Christmas cards I had ordered from Wal-Mart in years past.  Not knocking Wal-Mart, but I like Shutterfly Christmas cards better.  I think they are "nicer."  (Disclaimer:  I paid for my Shutterfly Christmas cards.  I just like 'em, so I'm tellin' ya I like 'em).

Now, maybe I can get my handsome hubby to drag up that Christmas tree box from the basement :).


  1. You and your family are Gorgeous! Love the card!

  2. HI Robbin,
    LOVE your card! I was a lucky recepient of your give-a-way of Shutterfly cards last year! :0) Thank you again very much!
    Such a beautiful family! And what an adorable pose with the letters. Love it!
    Keeping Christmas calm and peaceful and easy and laid back this year. I did do decorating inside more than I thought I would but it was "enjoyable!" HA! Shopping has been easy, already made cookies and goodies! I keep thinking to myself...."Who Am I?"
    Enjoy your days before the holiday!

  3. Beautiful family.. and beautiful card! Mental note: next year our Christmas card photos will be printed by Shutterfly (also be aware that our annual photo involves the two donkeys.. lol!). I was so disappointed in the quality of a certain "W" photo place this year - so next year, I'll be changin'! Thanks for sharing - I love this card!! -Tammy