Monday, December 3, 2012

Good Old Days

Facebook.  This one little word evokes very strong feelings.  Folks either LOVE IT, or they HATE IT.
Me, I have mixed feelings.  There are times I really don't like it.  People making comments with WAYYYYYY too much information.  People using profanity.  People posting pictures that I don't think are appropiate (so I block them).
And then, there are moments where I really like Facebook.  I can keep in touch with people that frankly I wouldn't any other way.  I am up to date on the latest news.  I get to see pictures of kids and grandkids of friends and family that I wouldn't ordinarily get to see.
And then, then there are days where I get on Facebook and I see pictures that I have never seen before posted by one of my Aunts.

This is a picture of my sweet mother on the left.  She must have been about two years old.  In the middle is my mom's older brother, Ronnie, and her eldest sister, Wanda.  I have never seen this picture before.  And oh, how sweet it is.  Just a glimpse into life as it was years ago.  I can't really make out the background.  I don't know where this picture was taken.Is that a doll my mom is holding??

This is another picture of my mother when she was a teenager.  My mom is again on the left, and on the right is my mom's sister, Alicia.  Hard to imagine my mom on a date, and no, that guy is NOT my DAD!!  Just a boy she went to a dance with many, many years ago.

Now this picture, this picture brings back MEMORIES.  You see, my parents owned the Longhorn Restaurant in Eldon.  They bought it, oh, I'm guessing early 1970s, and owned it for a few years.  Honestly, I would have to ask my mom when they sold it.  I have spent HOURS in this restaurant.  When we were very little, we played in the back corner booth of the restaurant, underneath the gas furnace.  Back by the restrooms.  As we got older we worked.  I ran the cash register, bussed tables, and washed dishes (it was an automatic restaurant style dishwasher) after school and on weekends.  I wasn't very old.  We sold it when I was probably 12 or 13.  We played out back of the restaurant for hours and hours and hours while my mom ran the restaurant inside.  My dad worked for the railroad and he was gone a lot.  We weren't all old enough to be left at home alone, so we practically lived there.

I haven't thought of this place in years.  You know what's there now???  This:

Yep, McDonalds. 

A great big THANK YOU to my Aunt for posting these pictures.  I've enjoyed a few minutes of the Good Old Days this morning, and it brought back some GREAT MEMORIES.

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  1. I love Facebook, for the old pictures my cousins post. Lately they have been into Christmas pictures.
    Have a great 70+ day! CRAZY Missouri